Music Teacher Tip #14: Recital Rehearsal

Do you hold rehearsals for your recitals? When I first started teaching I didn’t. It wasn’t until a few years later when I held my recital in a big venue that students were unfamiliar with, that I thought a rehearsal would be a good idea. Fast forward to today and now I think holding a rehearsal is an absolute must. Why? Oh, so many reasons! But here are my top 6… It’s a perfect time to go through performance tips and tricks. It settles some nerves. A lot of times our nerves come from the unknown. So when students go through […]


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Comic Strip Music Composition

Each year I try to have at least one composition project for my students to work on. Over the years we have enjoyed doing creative story compositions. This year my students and I had a SUPER time with the A.N.T.H.E.M. program. Because of the superhero theme, I wanted to put a different spin on the story idea and have students create comic strip music compositions. Anytime I can encourage students to use their imagination it is a win! With comic strip music compositions, students began by creating a comic strip story. I go through the steps with them with the different […]

The Sheet Music Heist

Dissonance has been up to no good. He has caused chaos in the sheet music world causing the notes to crash into each other. He must be stopped before music as we know it is completely destroyed! Luckily the Superhero Apprentices are ready to help! Each challenge will test their abilities and bring them closer to saving music! With no time to waste… It is time to defeat dissonance! In The Sheet Music Heist, Each mission activity will bring students closer to saving music as we know it! The activities go along with the superpowers students are training for in the A.N.T.H.E.M. program if […]

Music Teacher Tip #12: Practice Packets

In 2016 I began another of what I like to call a win-win.  It has become a favorite option to give to my students as an “extra” option over the summer or as an option if they can’t participate in a camp. It also works very well in lessons when students need to miss for an extended period of time. I have blogged about this subject, but I wanted to do a teacher tip as well. I hope it inspires! Recommended Resources mentioned: Practice Makes Perfect OR Does It? (workshop) Practice Games and Tools Practice Charts    Other Blog Posts on […]

Music Teacher Tip #11: 3 Wins for Your Studio Policy

Are you in the middle of updating your studio policy? Or maybe you are just getting started in creating one? In this teaching tip, I share 3 common frustrations teachers have and some win-win solutions that can be implemented.   Recommended Resources: Studio Policy Script Starters (this is INCLUDED in the Creating a Studio Policy and Sticking To It course) Courses mentioned and recommended: Creating a Studio Policy and Sticking To It Make More, Teach Less: A Comprehensive Guide to Running a Music Camp or Workshop Inspire and Motivate Your Students in Group Lessons   Do you have a tip […]

Music Teacher Tip #10: Recital Program Online

Today’s tip is from a guest teacher, Dorla Aparicio! Learn how she takes away the headache of printing recital programs and turns it into a win-win for all!       Do you have a tip or trick to share? We would love to hear it! Just click the picture below to fill out the form.

Review: 100 Left Hand Patterns Every Piano Player Should Know

Jerald Simon recently released his newest book, 100 Left Hand Patterns Every Piano Player Should Know. If you have not already seen it you are in for a real treat! 100 Left Hand Patterns Every Piano Player Should Know is perfect for students who want to arrange, compose, transpose and/or improvise. Divided into categories, you will find basic left hand patterns, jazz, blues, boogie-woogie, new age, rock and pop. 100 left hand patterns are versatile and adaptable for any music making scenario you can think of! Simply take one of the left hand patterns that you learn and apply it […]

Music Teacher Tip #9: Monetize Your Recital Program

Have you ever wished you could cover recital or music program expenses without having to charge a recital fee? I have good news for you! You can! In this tip, I share how you can monetize your recital program!     Do you have a tip or trick to share? We would love to hear it! Just click the picture below to fill out the form.