Getting Over the Fear of Teaching Online

Technology allows us to problem solve in ways that might have been a little more challenging before. Sometimes we hesitate to take that first step because of all the things that might go wrong. But when we keep things simple and make technology work for us, instead of the other way around, technology can create HUGE benefits, providing win-wins when running our music studio. In this mini-course, I will be focusing on keeping things simple so it doesn’t have to be scary. You will learn the basics of teaching online AND video lessons with some resources to explore as you […]

5 Benefits for Teaching Video Lessons

Video lessons are a little different from online lessons. Online is connecting live with a student and video is when you are recording a lesson for a student to watch at a later time. Many of the benefits in providing a video lessons for students are very similar to online lessons. If you caught the last post when I went through a list of benefits for teaching online lessons, the main categories will be the same, but you will notice the benefits will be different…   Location Doesn’t Matter When providing a video lesson for a student, it really doesn’t […]

Music Teacher Startup

Have you ever wished that there was some help out there specifically for music teachers who are running their own business? Forget about the teaching… What about everything else that comes along with it? The marketing, branding, creating a website, SEO, the list can go on and on… If you run your own music business, thinking about starting or adding something brand new, but feeling a little overwhelmed… Introducing a brand new course: Music Teacher Startup     Music Teacher Startup was created by Tim Topham, music teacher, blogger, podcast host of the popular Creative Piano Teaching Podcast and multi-business […]

5 Benefits for Teaching Online Lessons

Teaching online lessons can be a little scary as there are some things that could go wrong. However, there is so much more that can go right! I wanted to share some benefits that I have found as I have taught online lessons over the years. Location Doesn’t Matter Because the location doesn’t matter it, online lessons opens up lots of possibilities! One of your students moving? You can continue teaching them! You have to move? Offer online lessons! Student sick or parent can’t bring student? Do an online lesson! Which brings me to another benefit why the location doesn’t […]

Tonara Music Practice App

I am happy to introduce our new advertising sponsor here on Music Educator Resources. Tonara is an all-in-one music practice app. I recently had the opportunity to chat with Asaf and Lou Ann in person where they walked me through the app and all that it does. Tonara not only keeps track of students practicing, but has a motivating gamification tool where students are earning points, stickers and leveling up on the leaderboard. In addition, students can give each other support and encouragement (instant practice buddies!). Teachers have the benefit of managing lessons and assignments, communicating with students and seeing […]

Calliope Musical Circus

Come One, Come All to the Calliope Musical Circus! Students will be focusing on improving their ensemble skills with the goal of learning at least one duet a month. As they are passing off their duets they will be choosing from 10 different “circus acts” which are challenges varying from learning a piece by rote, composing, learning “animal” techniques to improve their playing and more! Throughout the program, students will also have the opportunity to earn tickets when they “strive for 5!” Throughout the program, students will also have the opportunity to earn tickets when they “strive for 5!” A […]

TMTA Convention 2019: Expand Your Horizons Part 2

Aside from an aiport layover years ago, this was my first time in Texas. On the way to hotel, I learned that Houston has a downtown, uptown and midtown. Who knew? Not me! In my short time at TMTA I knew I couldn’t miss spending some time at the exhibit hall. I always look forward to seeing familiar faces as well as meet new ones. And of course, catching up with teacher friends! Here are just a few pictures I remembered to grab. There were too many I still missed! Saturday night I was invited to join a group for […]

TMTA Convention 2019: Expand Your Horizons Part 1

I had the opportunity to fly to Houston and present at the Texas Music Teachers Association Convention. I have always wanted to check it out and I was looking forward to my time there. My only regret was not spending more time. It was a super quick turn around trip. I had less than 48 hours from the time I flew in to the time I flew out to take it all in. Upon arriving I was overwhelmed by the size of the hotel when I walked inside. It was huge! It didn’t take me long to figure out that […]

Music Teacher Tip #17: Missed Lessons

One of the most common questions I see or hear from independent music teachers is, “what do you do when a student needs to miss a lesson?” OR “Do you do make-up lessons?” I don’t do make-up lessons. Matter of fact, I am strongly against them. I don’t know where the idea for make-ups even got started but there really is no reason for them especially nowadays when there are SO many things we can do instead. In this new music teacher tip, I will share 4 different win-win solutions when a student (or teacher) needs to miss a lesson. […]

ASMTA Conference Sessions: Tradition and Innovation Part 2

Getting Over the Fear of Teaching Online and Video Lessons By Jennifer Foxx I thought the conference theme this year was a perfect one to share my presentation, Getting Over the Fear of Teaching Online and Video Lessons. This is a session where I stress that teaching online or giving a video lesson does not have to be complicated. Sometimes we don’t try something new simply because we are afraid of all the bells and whistles of what is out there. So instead of just trying it, in a more simple way (the bells and whistles can be added later […]