Back to School BONUS Sale!

Did you hear? TpT is having a Bonus back to school sale on Tuesday, August 20th and I am participating. I’ve already marked all my resources off 20% off beginning Tuesday and if you use the promo code: BTSBONUS19 you will save another 5% off! If you missed the sale a couple weeks ago, don’t miss this one as it will only last ONE day! Happy Shopping and Planning! Just click the graphic below to get started… P.S.S. Did you know you can earn credit towards future purchases just by leaving kind feedback on your current purchases? I love receiving feedback. […]

NCKP Conference 2019 Saturday

Saturday at NCKP ended up being not at all what I had planned. My husband was supposed to meet me in Chicago at the conference hotel that afternoon so we could go on a road trip where I would be getting 5 additional states for my “50 by 50” goal. But things changed abrubtly when the night prior my son ended up in the ER, extremely sick from ketoacidisis. It was at that time that we found out he had diabetes. Long story short, my husband cancelled his flight to Chicago, I ended up changing my flight to come home […]

NCKP Conference 2019 Friday

The 2nd day (or 3rd day with Pre-Conference Wednesday) of NCKP! Did you miss Wednesday and Thursday?  NCKP 2019 Pre-Conference Wednesday NCKP 2019 Thursday   Creating Collaborative Experiences for Students of All Ages Sarah Alexander and Whitney Hawker Good goals for teachers- We have to make music in every lesson. Taking the smallest part of what they are working on and really playing it musically. Modeling beautiful music making each time you see them. Private Lesson Collaboration Activities- Sight-reading- Exposure to different classical styles. Hear the teacher model. Provides framework for score exploration Develop musical and listening skills: balance, tone , […]

NCKP 2019 Conference Thursday

Thursday is when the official conference begins! This year I heard there were over 180 sessions to choose from. Wow! (Missed pre-conference? Read all about it here)   Rote and Pattern Pieces that Motivate and Captivate Showcase By Paula Dryer  This year I’m trying to be more intentional about learning how to teach rote pieces. Paula has a gift of composing gorgeous rote pieces that definitely motivate and captivate students. Her pieces always sound harder then they are. What benefits do rote pieces offer? Connection to Music Expression Technique Reinforces Reading Vehicle for teaching theory, compositon and improvisation To find […]

Music Teacher Tip #18: Getting to Know You Activities

It’s back to school time, which means you will want some fun getting to know you activities in your arsenal. Getting to know our students help create a sense of belonging. It can help us when we are trying to figure out what music will motivate them. It also let’s them know we care about them and in turn it will lead to trust in us to provide them with a positive music experience. In today’s teacher trick I go through some of my favorite getting to know you activities. I do most of these in a group setting, I […]

NCKP Pre-Conference Wednesday

I recently returned from my last conference of the summer. This time I was attending NCKP. If you have never attended NCKP, definitely mark your calendar for July of 2021 as it only happens every other year and is a must attend conference for piano teachers. NCKP stands for the National Conference of Keyboard Pedagogy. An added option of the conference is to attend the the pre-conference sessions on Wednesday. I have found that this is usually my favorite day of the conference as there are so many great sessions to choose from (which can also make it a little […]

Getting Over the Fear of Teaching Online

Technology allows us to problem solve in ways that might have been a little more challenging before. Sometimes we hesitate to take that first step because of all the things that might go wrong. But when we keep things simple and make technology work for us, instead of the other way around, technology can create HUGE benefits, providing win-wins when running our music studio. In this mini-course, I will be focusing on keeping things simple so it doesn’t have to be scary. You will learn the basics of teaching online AND video lessons with some resources to explore as you […]

5 Benefits for Teaching Video Lessons

Video lessons are a little different from online lessons. Online is connecting live with a student and video is when you are recording a lesson for a student to watch at a later time. Many of the benefits in providing a video lessons for students are very similar to online lessons. If you caught the last post when I went through a list of benefits for teaching online lessons, the main categories will be the same, but you will notice the benefits will be different…   Location Doesn’t Matter When providing a video lesson for a student, it really doesn’t […]

Music Teacher Startup

Have you ever wished that there was some help out there specifically for music teachers who are running their own business? Forget about the teaching… What about everything else that comes along with it? The marketing, branding, creating a website, SEO, the list can go on and on… If you run your own music business, thinking about starting or adding something brand new, but feeling a little overwhelmed… Introducing a brand new course: Music Teacher Startup     Music Teacher Startup was created by Tim Topham, music teacher, blogger, podcast host of the popular Creative Piano Teaching Podcast and multi-business […]

5 Benefits for Teaching Online Lessons

Teaching online lessons can be a little scary as there are some things that could go wrong. However, there is so much more that can go right! I wanted to share some benefits that I have found as I have taught online lessons over the years. Location Doesn’t Matter Because the location doesn’t matter it, online lessons opens up lots of possibilities! One of your students moving? You can continue teaching them! You have to move? Offer online lessons! Student sick or parent can’t bring student? Do an online lesson! Which brings me to another benefit why the location doesn’t […]