Journey To Hidden Treasures: A Practice Incentive Program

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Avast Ye! Arrrr ye ready for a new practice incentive program this year? The crew is setting sail on a Journey to Hidden Treasures! A pirate-themed practice adventure where you will find gold, gems, and digital escape room challenges are all intertwined in the pirate ocean life adventure.

In Journey To Hidden Treasures, the goal is for students to demonstrate growth as they are discovering and mindfully using hidden treasures in music making as they practice and perform their pieces.

Hidden Gems

As students advance on the treasure map, students should strive for 5 days of practice. Each time they reach 5 or more practice days, they will earn a gold coin that they can add to their treasure box.

When they continue to progress in their journey, students will come across some hidden gems on the treasure map. Note Reading, Rhythm and Expression. At this point, they will complete a digital escape room challenge before continuing their hidden treasure journey.

Digital Escape Rooms

Journey to Hidden Treasures includes 3 Digital Escape Rooms PLUS multiple leveled options for differentiated needs. Just have students pick the best option available.

In the first escape room, students must help Sereia, a beautiful Mermaid caught in a heavy mist, find her voice. Mermaid in the Mist covers note naming. There are multi-level options which include keyboard or staff notes depending on level.

The crew has discovered that some of their pirate loot is missing. In this next escape room, students will help find the missing loot before Black Beard discovers that it is missing!  Missing Pirate Loot covers rhythm and includes multi-level options as well!

It’s the last leg of the trip and students discover that there is a bounty on their head! They must escape before they are caught and have to walk the plank! Escape the Plank covers dynamics, moods, articulation and tempo (multi-level options).

After students complete their escape rooms, they earn a gem to add to their treasure box and continue on their journey. The journey is complete when they finally reach the hidden treasure at the end of the map.

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Included Files –

•Journey to Hidden Treasures Teacher Guide

•Student Instructions

•Digital Escape Rooms

•Digital Escape Room Instructions

•Escape Room Timer options

•Gold Coins

•Hidden Gems

•Photo Props

•Printable Treasure Box

•JPG Graphics –

  • Strive for 5
  • Treasure Map Posters
  • Journey to Hidden Treasures Logo
  • Journey to Hidden Treasures Poster

•Treasure Map Ships (for poster)

•Assignment Sheets



•Décor Posters

•Pirate Getting To Know You Worksheet


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