Performance, Games and Activity Ideas For Halloween

  Saturday was my yearly Halloween Piano Festival. It’s my most favorite performance of the year! I love fall! It is my favorite time of year. The weather starts to cool down (still waiting on that one since it reached 94 yesterday- but at least we are out of the triple digits!) and we kick off some fun performance opportunities for the year! I love to dress up too and this year since I had a Hollywood theme going on, I decided to dress up as one of my favorite old hollywood actresses, Lucille Ball as Lucy Ricardo in “I Love Lucy!” I […]

Halloween Festival 2015

This last Saturday was my Halloween Festival. I was a little nervous weather wise if #1 it would be too hot (We are still getting 90 degree weather here in AZ- Crazy!) and #2 if it would rain during the festival. It ended up raining all morning long and then there was a break in the afternoon when the festival was. And I’m not kidding you, as soon as the last family stepped inside (I open the doors to have everyone go outside to eat goodies) it started pouring. So it all worked out. Though warmer than I would have […]

A Fun Change to Keyboard Festival this Year!

Every year I have a keyboard festival in my studio. Keyboard festival is similar to Clavinova festival if you are familiar with those. Matter of fact, the reason I started keyboard festival was because of the Clavinova festival experience I had years ago! I thought it was fun and was looking forward in having my students participate in this yearly event with my students, but then the store in my area that hosted Clavinova festival closed. And so did the opportunity of participating. So when that happened I decided to host my own festival and called it keyboard festival, where students […]

Music for Space Themed Recital

This week my students will be choosing pieces for our spring recital, Reach Beyond the Stars. I thought that it may be helpful to share the pieces I have found for my students to choose from in case you are doing a space themed recital or might in the future… If you know of any others that aren’t listed below, feel free to share in the comments! (Note: Pop pieces like Star Wars and Part of Your World, etc… are available in all sorts of levels. I am just listing them below once)   Pre-Reading (off staff)- Night Songs- Mary […]

Halloween Festival 2014

Every year my students dress up in costume and perform a halloween piece in October. It’s one of our favorite events to look forward to! Every year I also like to put a little twist on the event and come up withsomething between the performance pieces. And let me tell you it is getting harder and harder to figure out new ideas. But this year I came across a Halloween Jokes “I Have, Who Has” Game that Tweet Resources created. PERFECT! If you not familiar with how “I have who has” games work it goes like this…  Someone starts off […]

Be Our Guest: Adjudication & You – How To Survive

  I’m happy to introduce our guest for July- Kassandra Weleck, a piano teacher from Tucson, AZ. Kassandra has shared a fantastic post on adjudication that I think you will enjoy reading. Some good tips for all, no matter what your role is. Enjoy… Hello! My name is Kassandra and I’m super excited to be a guest post for Jennifer’s blog. I teach piano in Tucson, Arizona in both my private studio and at the community college. I have also spent a LOT of time adjudicating, organizing events with adjudicators, and having my students evaluated over the years. There are […]

Brownie Points this week!

This Saturday is my spring recital, so this week is our recital rehearsals. Students come for one hour on their normal lesson day. They play through their pieces and we go through performance tips, etiquette and any other things I need them to know about the recital. If we have time then they get to play the “focus” game. This is where a student plays their piece while the other students do things that could possibly happen at the recital. (i.e.: coughing, sneezing, baby crying, phone ringing, etc…) The goal is stay focused throughout your performance. They love this game! […]

Flashback Friday!

Recital season is upon is. Maybe yours is already done? Mine is next week! Just thought I would re-post an idea that worked great in my studio last year. Did again this year! It’s working out great! Visit: An Idea For Your Recital Program Best wishes to everyone and your recitals!  

Be Our Guest! Common Time: Creating Community Within Your Studio

I’m happy to introduce our March guest, Megan Desmarais. You will want to make sure you read her post as it is filled with wonderful ideas. Be sure to visit her blog, Pianissimo- a very piano blog when you get the chance. Common Time:  Creating Community Within Your Studio As a piano teacher, one of my goals has always been to create and maintain a sense of community within my studio.  Since playing the piano can, at times, be a fairly solitary experience, I also want to show my students that it can be the opposite.  Enjoying and making music is […]

Christmas Stinky Stockings Game

This week I have been polishing up my lesson plans for our studio Christmas camp which will start the first week of December. Just in the nick of time, Wendy Stevens has released a Christmas version of her fun game, Stinky Stockings! Stinky Stockings is a fun interactive “hot potato” style game that will be a holiday hit in your studio! Find a Christmas stocking, toss in the cards, turn on some music and start passing! When the music stops, a student pulls out a card and does what the card says. There are 7 different card topics in this […]