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Let’s kick off this post with a Halloween Music Joke! What is a Vampires favorite dance?

The Fangdango of course!

I thought you would enjoy that one. Hang tight because I have a lot of others to share with you. But before we get to those…

Last weekend was our Halloween Masquerade hosted by my local piano store, Riverton Piano (who also took the faBOOlous pictures). If you search on the blog for Halloween will see a lot of posts of what I’ve done in previous years. Halloween kicks off my favorite time of year. Last year, due to Covid, we did a “Mask-a-rade” and held it online. This year my students had a couple options. Record their piece to premiere online later OR participate in person. I have to say that it felt nice to be back in person again. While things aren’t totally back to normal (we are still wearing masks, and distancing, etc), it’s really nice to have a live audience (or are they really?).

In all my performance events, I like to do something a little different in between performers. In the past I’ve done a pass along game, sharing Halloween trivia, left/right stories (another pass along game). But this year I wanted to do something brand new so I decided it was time for some Halloween jokes with a music theme!

Everyone loves a good joke, right? And what better way to keep students at ease during performances than telling a funny joke, right?

So after scouring for musical Halloween jokes, I was able to find 25! There are some simple funny ones, some that not everyone will get (unless you are a musician) as well as some groaners. I thought you might enjoy them too, so feel free to download them and have a spooktacular time with your students and families.

If you need more Halloween games and activities, you can find them here in the MER store or here on TpT.



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Halloween Music Themed Jokes Game

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  1. James

    These were so fantastic! Thanks for making Masquerade so much fun! 🙂


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