Jennifer Foxx has over 25 years of experience in speaking and enjoys giving presentations to fellow music teachers, sharing with them her teaching ideas and practices on topics such as technology, practicing, motivational programs, group lessons and summer music camps. Jennifer Foxx is nationally recognized from her teacher resource blog:, has reviewed for American Teacher Magazine and has published works in Clavier Companion and The Piano Bench magazine. Jennifer has been interviewed on the podcasts, The Modern Musician Show, and the Piano Parent Podcast.

Jennifer has been a member of MTNA since 2000. She has served twice as chapter President; Tooele Chapter (2004-2006) and Phoenix Chapter (2011-2013) in addition to many other positions as needed. Jennifer attended Rick’s College, majoring in Elementary Education, minoring in Music Education and has taught piano lessons for 25 years.

Jennifer has a successful studio in Arizona and is dedicated to the success of each of her students. Jennifer’s personal mission as a teacher is to provide quality music education to each of her students. When students learn from Jennifer, they learn much more than just how to play the piano. Music is history, science, foreign language, math, and art. Jennifer incorporates all those facets of music into her teaching.

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Presentation Topics and Descriptions:

Create an Invitation to Learn! Promoting Understanding and Engagement

Have you ever had a student that you have taught for several years but still have a hard time finding treble G on the staff? How about a student that has said to you, “I never learned that!” when you know for a fact that you have taught the concept over a dozen times.

Learning is much more than inputting and outputting information. How do we really know when a student is engaged in learning their instrument? Engaged learning is the process in which students actively participate in their learning. Our job as teachers is to serve as a coach or facilitator to help guide students to their goal.

Topics in this presentation will include but not limited to identifying and assessing learning styles and how they apply to our students, understanding how the ear, eye, hand and mind play an important role in the music learning cycle, understanding emotions and how to influence motivation, building confidence and promote competence in our students and learn how to apply practical tools to engage learning in their individual teaching studio.

This presentation will conclude with 25 specific activities and resources teachers can use with their students to check for understanding and create a more engaged learning environment in their studio.

“No matter how well planned, how interesting, stimulating, colorful, or relevant the lesson, if the teacher does all of the interacting with the material, the teacher’s, not the student’s brain, will grow.” Pat Wolfe

Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram… Oh, My!

Students are checking in daily on their devices so why not join them? Whether you like it or not, social media is here to stay. If you aren’t taking advantage of what it has to offer, you are missing out on key opportunities to reach those you teach now and those interested in lessons.

In this session, we will round up the top social media platforms and learn how each one can benefit your studio and engage the entire family!

Learn the difference between Facebook groups and pages and why each one is important. Jennifer will share simple strategies that will help engage and grow your local audience. Learn how to use Facebook as a tool to keep families current with studio happenings and create a close studio community.

What makes social media so successful? Why should teachers be on these platforms and how can it help their business? How can I integrate other social media platforms with each other? What are some common mistakes to avoid? These are some of the questions that will be answered in this session.

Getting Over the Fear of Teaching Online; Creating Win-Win’s for Your Studio

Do you teach lessons online? Ever wanted to try but been a little nervous about getting started? Ever have a student move and they really wish they could stay with you? Ever wish you could teach more during the daytime hours when all your other students are at school?

Online teaching can sometimes be scary to think about but it doesn’t have to be! Matter of fact, it can be a win-win solution in your studio. Jennifer will walk you through some basics of online teaching, share solutions through online and video lessons when students need to miss and share some tips and tricks for making the whole experience smooth.

Administration Frustration: Simple Strategies for Common Teacher Problems

Do you spend too much time addressing issues such as late tuition payments, students showing up too early or not at all? Do you wish you could motivate your students to spend more time practicing? Do your students quit without notice? Where there is a problem, there is always a strategy to resolve it.

In this session, I will focus on how to create a studio policy that will not only address these frustrations but will also put a stop to “people pleaser” syndrome. Sticking to your policy does not mean you can’t show a little grace when the need calls for it. It is important that we understand our parents’ concerns and how to properly resolve miscommunications and confrontations. I will go through how to understand those conflicts and create respectful resolutions.

In addition, I will share some sample script ideas on how one can respond to common problems as well as win-win solutions. Communication is key. Teachers in this session will learn how to address these issues with parents and students so they can get back to focusing on what is most important: teaching their students.

Inspire and Motivate Your Students In Group Lessons
Piano, in particular, can be a “lonely” instrument. But it doesn’t have to be. There are so many different options when it comes to group activities or lessons in the studio. Ever wonder what they all have in common? The ability in creating lasting friendships that help inspire and motivate our students.
We will begin with several group lesson format ideas to get your wheels turning. Find out which option resonates most with you. Learn how to create excitement for your group activities. You will learn fun activity ideas you can do with your students that will make them want to continue lessons year after year simply because they don’t want to miss out.
If you ever were frustrated because you just can’t fit it all in, group lessons are a wonderful solution!
Staying Relevant in Today’s Generation

There are many teachers and studios struggling to get new students or retain the students they have. The state of the economy is often blamed for this. In this presentation teachers will learn some tips and tools that will help them stay relevant, drawing students to their studio. Teachers will learn about marketing, why it’s important and some ideas that work well. Teachers will learn about the importance of staying educated. And lastly, teachers will learn to step out of the box and try some new ideas that will not only, educate, engage and inspire students to continue with lessons but encourage parents to keep their child in lessons, despite the ups and downs that come along with it.

Staying Relevant in Today’s Generation is one of the most important things we as business owners must do in order for our business to not only survive but to thrive. Teachers CAN thrive despite the ups and downs of the economy and teachers do not need to settle because of it.

There’s an App for That!

Warning: This presentation may give you the strong desire to purchase an iPad if you don’t have one already. We will review IOS music apps in over 15 music categories that are available for teachers and students to use in the studio and at home. Do you have a student that needs more practice with their note reading, rhythm or ear training? There’s an App for That! How about needing to slow down the tempo of an audio file so the student can practice their piece easier? There’s an App for That! Or maybe you are looking for an app to keep track of practice goals, even record yourself for evaluation? Yes, there is even an App for That!

This presentation is known to have some app giveaways at the end! (if available)

Make More, Teach Less! The Basics of Music Camps and Workshops

Everyone needs a break or we burn out. In this presentation, teachers will learn how to schedule music camps and workshops in their studio during the busiest seasons during the year. (Not just summer!) Attendees will learn the ins and outs of holding a camp or workshop in their studio and what it takes to be successful.  They will learn how to create excitement in their studio about camp.  Specific music resources and ideas will be shown in this presentation that teachers can use in their camps, many of which they might already have in their studio.  Teachers will learn how to create a lesson plan with those resources and how to include this all in the tuition and not lose any income.

Music Camps and Workshops are a win-win for both our students’ families and teachers.

Add Some *Bling* to Your Teaching: Incorporating Technology into Your Studio

Is your studio needing a little bling to make it more exciting and up to date? Including technology in the studio does not need to be complicated. Learn practical ideas that will get you started. Learn the ins and outs of starting and running a studio lab.  This presentation will include some favorite free resources, websites and apps teachers can use with their students.  In addition, find out some fun ways to use technology in a group setting. If you have the desire to incorporate or enhance technology in your studio, this is a presentation you will not want to miss!

Creating a Studio Policy and Sticking to It!

Do you have a studio policy? Are you having a hard time sticking to it? Are you a people pleaser? In this session, we will go through why a studio policy is important to have in your studio, steps on creating not only one that is relevant to your studio but something you will be able to stick with.   Learn tips and tricks on how to resolve conflicts and confrontations with families that like to “test” your policies or think they may be the exception.

Motivational Programs with a Theme

What is it about themes that get students (and teacher!) motivated? In this presentation, learn how themes in the studio can refocus, re-motivate and get students to accomplish more then they thought they could. In this presentation, we will touch on yearly themes, group lesson themes, camp and workshop themes and recital themes. There is a lot to cover so be ready to take it all in!

Using Modern Tools to Create EXCITEMENT For Old Masterworks & Their History

Get out your smartphones because this presentation begins with a game! And yes, there will be a prize for the winner! Teachers will learn relevant, practical and fun ideas to keep our students engaged by using modern technology tools and games. Ideas will include resources with and without technology. Broken up into two main segments, “Get to Know the Composer” and “Get Creative”, we will explore some creative ideas both on and off the bench keeping old masterworks and their history alive and relevant for our students.

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