Guest Review: Music Lab- Setting Up For Success! Solving a Problem

Anna Fagan shares her experience with music lab and how it all began for her in this review below. I love her story and maybe yours is similar? Whether or not you have been running a music lab for years or just getting started, music lab was born to solve a problem. To help our students learn. In 1991, I had been out of college for 10 years, teaching part-time (about 10-12 students per week), and I was sick of spending lesson time to check written Music Theory work that had probably been completed in the back seat of a […]

Be Our Guest: How Does Simon Teach Us How to Practice?

Today I have asked Andy Fling with to share a recent post he wrote for his email subscribers. In this post he shares how using the game that many of us have grown up with, “Simon” and apply it to practicing. I have personally used this game (via the iPad) with my students but for ear training and memory purposes. It didn’t even dawn on me the other teaching application it has! Practicing! Enjoy this post by Andy Fling…     The Best Teaching Strategy You May be Missing Can be Taught with a Toy Have you ever played with Simon […]

Be Our Guest: Using STEM Based Projects in the Independent Music Studio

Disclaimer: The affiliate link included in this post does not affect your purchase price or the creators royalties in any way.  Thank you for your support and happy teaching!   It’s been awhile since I have had a guest post on the blog and I’m excited to introduce our newest guest! Emily Quiles has been gaining rapid recognition in her area for being a unique piano teacher with fun ideas and programs! Recently Emily shared her experience with a Science of Music camp she held with her students. It’s been years since I’ve done this type of camp with mine so I was […]

Be Our Guest: Top 10 Tips to Help the Independent Teacher From Burnout

There are certain times a year where burnout tends to show its face a little more. Winter tends to be one of those times so this guest post couldn’t have been more well timed. I am excited to have Laurabeth Roundy, a private piano, violin, viola and fiddle teacher in Arlington, WA be my guest and share with us her top 10 tips on helping independent teachers from burning out. If you have some additional tips, feel free to leave them in the comments as we can all benefit from them. Take it away Laurabeth… One topic discussed among my music teacher […]

Be Our Guest: How to Begin Teaching Piano in Groups

I’m excited to introduce our April guest blogger to you today. Dorla Aparicio recently started a group piano teaching blog, If you have ever thought about teaching piano lessons in a group setting, you will definitely want to subscribe to her blog. There are already some great posts to read and I predict many more in the future! Dorla will be sharing her tips and tricks for getting started in group teaching. Enjoy her post below… There are many aspects of a private piano lesson that can be transferred to a group setting, however you should not think of a group lesson […]

Be Our Guest: Skype, FaceTime, Hangouts, Oh My!

I’m really excited to introduce our guest this month. Sarah Lyngra will be blogging about online lessons. She has a lot of experience in this so you will want to read her post! Also I would highly recommend her online course available at The course, Create Effective Lesson Make-up Videos in 45 Minutes or Less was very helpful as I started doing make-up video lessons this year. (See blog post here.) There were several tips that I learned that I hadn’t thought of. Sarah has more courses in the works so check back often! And be sure to sign up for […]

Be Our Guest: Can my iPad REALLY be used for piano practice? SERIOUSLY-REALLY?

You are in for a fun treat with our guest blogger today. Becki Laurent is full of positive energy and is a big proponent of staying relevant with our students. She offers some great tips on what she has used successfully with her students including her own kids. Enjoy today’s post… I’m a piano teacher.  I’ve been a tech girl since I was 3.  I had a Merlin. Do you remember that? It was red and looked like an old cell phone? My mom tells the story that on my 6th Christmas as I was opening my presents I said to […]

Be Our Guest: F.U.N. is not a 4-letter word

I’m super excited to introduce our guest today! Many of you are familiar with her name and her music. Jennifer Eklund is the owner and composer of the ever growing, very popular among students and teachers, If you haven’t heard of, as soon as you are done reading this article, then go into the search bar and type in Piano Pronto and you will find several posts and reviews. Then go visit her website. All her music is available to view and listen to, so you know exactly what you are getting before you click the purchase button. Her music is motivating […]

Be Our Guest: Adjudication & You – How To Survive

  I’m happy to introduce our guest for July- Kassandra Weleck, a piano teacher from Tucson, AZ. Kassandra has shared a fantastic post on adjudication that I think you will enjoy reading. Some good tips for all, no matter what your role is. Enjoy… Hello! My name is Kassandra and I’m super excited to be a guest post for Jennifer’s blog. I teach piano in Tucson, Arizona in both my private studio and at the community college. I have also spent a LOT of time adjudicating, organizing events with adjudicators, and having my students evaluated over the years. There are […]

Be Our Guest: Tips for Making Your Studio Shine Online

I’m happy to introduce our guest for June, Suzan Pleva. Suzan has been very helpful to many teachers lately in helping their studio to shine online. Aside from teaching piano, she does business development management for an online multimedia marketing firm. She has experience in graphic design, building websites, handling online marketing, creating and maintaining brand campaigns for clients, specializing in social media. You can view her blog at: Melody Piano Below are some important tips for you to utilize in order to optimize your studio’s online presence. Now of days, almost everything and anything can be found online. It is very important that […]