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The results are in and it looks like Aria will be keeping her name! She has her new superhero mask and she is ready to go! Thank you to those who submitted an idea. I decided to send a “SUPERize” to all of you who did. So check your email and I hope you enjoy! I will be sharing Aria’s musical adventures throughout the year on Instagram so feel free to follow along by following MusicEducatorResources on Instagram. You can also follow the hashtag #ariasmusicaladventures as well. I just finished all my fall kickoff sessions this week so I will […]

A.N.T.H.E.M. A Superhero Practice Incentive Music Program

  I’m SUPER excited to announce that the new practice incentive theme, A.N.T.H.E.M. has been released. This year students will be training to become musical superheroes! If you have done a superhero theme in the past, trust me, you will want to do it again as it is nothing like anything you have done before! A.N.T.H.E.M. is a practice incentive program for music teachers. It is a teacher-licensed resource which means everything included in the A.N.T.H.E.M. program is reproducible for all your students. You can choose to print and use everything or pick and choose what you woudl like. Whether […]

Feature Friday: Practice Incentive Programs

I love to do practice incentive programs with my students each year. Not only do they help motivate many of my students, but just having a new theme to look forward to motivates and gets me excited for the new year. The great thing about practice incentive program is that not only it helps engage students during the year but it helps them accomplish goals. Whether it is specific practice goals or leveling up in some way, they are able to really see measurable progress. For today’s Feature Friday I thought I would highlight all the practice incentive programs that […]

Purposeful Practice

  One of my favorite things to talk about and create things for is practice. I’ve created lots of different practice tools for my students over the years after all it is something they must do if they want to get better, right? I think one reason I find the subject so fascinating is that despite all our efforts as teachers, there is still those students that just don’t do it. Why do you think that is? Well we can spend quite a bit of time speculating and as we know the reasons will vary depending on the student. But […]

Motivating Practice Over the Summer

  It’s summer! The birds are chirping, the sun is shining, the pools are glistening and vacations are long overdue. So how do we keep students motivated to practice over the summer when what they really need is a break? Breaks allow us to re-energize, re-assess, rejuvenate. Do you see a theme going on here? Breaks are healthy. My students need them and I know for a fact that I need them. While I would hope my students do play over the summer, I don’t expect practice to be the quantity/quality it usually is. Sometimes they surprise me though and […]

An Inside Look at The Magical Lute; A Musical Quest

I have had quite a few questions about the new incentive program in the last week so I thought I would create a video showing you first hand what this program is all about. I also address some of the questions that have been asked. The video is a little longer than I hoped but I literally went through everything in the program, so if you were considering doing this program, it is worth watching especially with the sale that is going on right now! Remember you can get an extra 10% off today and tomorrow when you use the […]

The #1 Thing That Can ROCK Your Studio!

The #1 thing that I look forward to each year in my studio is getting ready for the new school year. I absolutely LOVE coming up with a new theme, new goals for the year, etc… I have noticed when I change things up each year with a new theme it keeps me from burning out. Now if doing these yearly incentive programs helps keep me from burning out, you can bet it can do the same for students. The top 3 reasons from a teacher standpoint of why yearly incentive programs can ROCK your studio are: Keeps students motivated and engaged all year […]

Huzzah!!! Quest Complete!

I am extremely excited to announce the official release of The Magical Lute; A Musical Quest! With all great things, comes a lot of time and effort behind the scenes and this one is no exception. The Magical Lute; A Musical Quest is the most EPIC of them all! I’m so excited to introduce this program to my students in a couple weeks. I hope you are excited to learn more about it. Here is a video introducing the program… Because I know teachers have different needs, I created both a Basic Edition and a Deluxe Edition. The Basic Edition is […]

Exciting Things coming Soon!

It’s been super busy behind the scenes over here. Several of you have asked when the new practice incentive program will be ready and I have good news! It will be released this weekend! WHOOHOO!!! Thank you so much for your patience! I was hoping to have it out the beginning of this week but I was in the middle of a huge blog update and along with a few other things, caused some set backs! I promise it will be sooooo worth the wait! Here are a couple more sneak peak pictures if you missed some of them on […]

Behind the Scenes: Phase 2!

Getting ready for Phase 2 for our QUEST and thought I would share a little “behind the scenes” picture. If you missed the sneak peak of phase 1, click here. Getting exciting! I’m leaving for Vegas tomorrow to attend the TpT conference this week. I am looking forward to that, but it means that Phase 2 will have to take a little intermission while I’m gone. Stay tuned! Be sure to ‘Like’ FPSResources on Facebook and follow FPSResources on TpT to stay up to date on giveaways, discounts, reviews and other music resources.