Jukebox Journey; A Practice Incentive Program

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Are you ready to have your students travel back in time? Jukebox Journey is our newest practice incentive program. As students practice, they will travel back in time, exploring the roaring 20’s all the way to a sneak peak into the future. 

“Great job, Jennifer, and for all the work obviously involved in putting this together, you need to sell it for at least $150! Can’t wait to use it, and it’s absolutely perfect for both online and in-person lessons. Thanks so much!” Nancy S.

Hop in the jukebox time machine where students will experience and collect an item from each musical decade. With 10 different virtual music decade rooms to explore, this interactive experience will be like no other as they are transported in time through games, activities and videos. Certificates, time travel diary, social media and recital templates are just a few other things you will find. Teaching online? I have you covered! Teaching in person, everything is all ready for you including decor and photo props. Also included are a few fun bonuses including the new Musical Decades Creative Story Composition resource!

In this program you will receive the following files:
  • Jukebox Journey Instructions
  • Jukebox Journey Assignment Sheet (PDF can be printed along with the student book or uploaded to a PDF reader for you to type in and then send digitally)
  • Jukebox Journey Certificate
  • Jukebox Journey Banner
  • Jukebox Journey Posters/ Décor
  • Jukebox Journey Time Travel Pass QR Codes (PDF and JPG options) for 10 virtual music decade rooms via Google Slides
  • Jukebox Journey Photo Props
  • Jukebox Journey Progress Log
  • Jukebox Journey Progress Tags (PDF and JPG options)
  • Jukebox Journey Student Book Pages and Cover options
  • Jukebox Journey Time Travel Diary (both Google form link and PDF options)
  • Jukebox Journey Flyer or Recital Cover Templates
  • Jukebox Journey Social Media Templates


  • Creative Story Composition: Musical Decades
  • Jukebox Journey Early Finisher Page
  • Jukebox Journey Getting to Know You (PDF or editable PPT version)
  • Jukebox Journey Treat Toppers (Birthday & Student of the Month)

“Jennifer. Thank you for making me so excited to teach even if online, which I am 90% sure I will be. I decorate my studio and make up incentive programs every year but I am not as adept at making online motivating. Your online skills are so amazing and I love this theme. You have saved me so much time and helped me be in love with teaching even when online!!!” Pamela F.

You can find Jukebox Journey in the Music Educator Resources store here

Want an inside look?

This is one of the virtual music decade “rooms” students will be exploring in the Jukebox Journey, practice incentive program.


Be sure to watch the video below where I give you an inside look at Jukebox Journey. As with most of my programs, this one is easily adaptable for your program. Some of my programs have included musical challenges for students to complete. While this particular program doesn’t necessarily have separate challenges, it does have some hands on activities (online games) in addition to the videos they will be exploring. You can easily add in a musical challenge (such as 1 minute note reading challenge) when they complete their decade. 



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