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Hi teachers! Welcome to Music Educator Resources, the place where I do my best in helping you, today’s music teachers stay up to date with helpful resources and tips that will ultimately benefit your students.  Whether you teach music privately or in a classroom, many of the resources and tips shared are adaptable to fit your specific needs.

I started teaching piano lessons when I was just 15 years old. My how times have changed! I have been teaching piano for over 30 years now and have learned so much during that time.  In between those years I studied elementary education. I had planned to teach the early grades (K-2) and even taught kindergarten music for a short time, but ultimately decided I wanted to stay home and teach piano. I am super happy with the decision I made as I love teaching piano and having fun with my students.

In addition to teaching, I like to create resources for my students and for other teachers to use with their students. Anything from games and lesson plans to music-themed cards and freebies, I hope you find something useful. They are all available right here in the Music Educator Resources shop or in my TeachersPayTeachers store.

What You’ll Find Here

I enjoy sharing tips and resources that I have found to be helpful for music teachers. Many times I will review and share resources with you to help keep you updated to what is out there for music teachers. Other times I will share some experiences and tips. I will also share cool deals, giveaways and freebies that I find (or make) along the way too.

One thing that I have learned in my years of teaching, is it is not always easy. There are always challenges along the way. Sometimes those challenges are within and sometimes those challenges are found in a parent or student. Regardless of what your current challenge is, I hope you that you will find this blog a helpful resource in your journey. Know that I am here rooting you on! Teaching can be a huge blessing, so I’m here to provide a community where we can be reminded of this and support each other!

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Again, thank you for checking out Music Educator Resources. I hope you leave here feeling informed, supported, motivated and uplifted! Each month, thousands of unique readers visit this site, which means there is a whole team of us working together to make music a positive difference in our sstudents’lives! While I come from the “piano” world of  teaching, we can all relate when it comes to teaching music.

I appreciate all of you and hope you will consider staying connected. Here’s to you and your students!

Jennifer Foxx