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I love to do practice incentive programs with my students each year. Not only do they help motivate many of my students, but just having a new theme to look forward to motivates and gets me excited for the new year. The great thing about practice incentive program is that not only it helps engage students during the year but it helps them accomplish goals. Whether it is specific practice goals or leveling up in some way, they are able to really see measurable progress.

I thought I would highlight all the practice incentive programs that I have available.


“Wow! This is an awesome year-long incentive! I have been wanting to do a 30-piece challenge. How clever to have the students’ practice incentive combined with a 30-piece challenge! Your materials are laid out very nicely and look professional – I can’t wait to hand out the workbooks to my students at our first Fall lesson, and they will LOVE the 30-Piece Challenge Poster! I am more pleased than you can imagine! Awesome resource, Jennifer! Another home run from you!” Mae

Just recently released! Musicathlon is actually my old “olympic” program that I had to totally re-do after finding out that the word olympics or any popular olympic phrases (“Go for the Gold” etc.) are trademarked. (You can read more about that here if you are interested).

Musicathlon is an “Olympic” inspired practice incentive program. Students choose and complete different music themed events while completing a 30 piece challenge. See preview for a taste of just some of the printable you will receive.

Both summer and winter sports themed graphics are included in the decor and tag file so you can use this any time of the year. I like to use this program every 4 years. Mine just happens to correspond the same year as the winter olympics but can be done when the summer olympics are going on or perhaps you want to use this as a summer practice incentive. Totally up to you!

The Musicathlon file you will receive includes:
•Incentive Instructions (READ FIRST)
•30 Piece Challenge Poster
•Assignment Page (includes an editable option)
•Getting to Know You Sheet
•Musicathlon Certificate
•Musicathlon Decor
•Student Workbook (includes 30 Piece Chart)
•Activity Pages (inside the student workbook)
•Musicathlon Tags
•Teacher Log
•Musicathlon Treat Toppers
•Practice Chart

You’re A Star!

“This was an excellent resource for my studio this year! My students are thrilled with the reward coming to all at the recital next week for learning the STAR program and really learning HOW to practice!” Paula

You’re a Star is a “Hollywood” themed practice incentive program. The goal for “You’re A Star” is two-fold. 1) For students to be more focused and productive during their practice time. 2) To provide a creative outlet.

To read more about purposeful practicing and watch a “behind the scenes” video of what all is included in this program, read here.

The You’re A Star! program includes:

  • Read First Overview (Note to Teacher)
  • Teacher Log
  • Treat Toppers
  • Getting to Know You Worksheet
  • Wall of Fame Banner
  • Stars for Banner
  • Certificate
  • Creative Challenge Cards
  • Decor
  • Music Reflection Journal pages
  • Music Reflection Task Cards (use during lab time or send home)
  • Music Reflection Task Cards Original Links (for a backup)
  • Practice Chart
  • Student Workbook which includes:
  • Assignment sheet
  • Star Progress Chart
  • Practice Steps Checklist
  • Practice Goal Log

The Magical Lute; A Musical Quest

The Magical Lute; A Musical Quest
An amazing incentive program! Great books for the students to keep track of where they are in the program. Super fun games (our studio-wide favorite that we still play LONG after the incentive was over is Niddy Noddy Rhythm Wars)! Great composition ideas. Jennifer’s Quest for the Magical Lute goes WAY beyond a traditional incentive program. Students loved the narration cards, the Dragon Scales challenge and so much more! An AMAZING program that I am saving to use again in a couple of years! Thank you, Jennifer, for putting together a program that made me a hero and the talk of the town with parents!” Mae

The Magical Lute; A Musical Quest is a year long incentive program for students that will keep them engaged and practicing. Students will literally be transported into another time through story telling and narrated challenges. It’s sure to be a favorite. Huzzah!

Challenges cover-
  • Medieval Music History/Instruments
  • Rhythm
  • Performance and Musicianship Skills
  • Scales
  • Phrasing
  • Note Reading
  • Articulation
  • Composition
Challenges can be adapted based on student needs. Some challenges are open in how you want to have students accomplish them.

For a more thorough inside look you will want to watch this video here. (Note: Music Educator Resources was formerly known as FPSResources)

INCLUDES the following:

I tried my best to show a lot of what is included in the preview but it still only touching the surface. This pack is jam packed with goodies! Huzzah!

Reach Beyond the Stars 

“My inspiration has never lacked using Jennifer’s inspired tools! I’m excited to reach for the stars with this practice incentive. Thank you for taking all the work out of it for me! Worth every penny!” Barbara

Your students will think this program is OUT OF THIS WORLD!

As students practice they will make their way throughout the solar system reaching beyond the stars. When they land or pass a planet they will complete mission assignments and advance ranks. If you have students who love space themes, (boys especially!) they will really enjoy this program. It is a motivating program that encourages students to want to practice so they can progress along with their peers.

Reach Beyond the Stars includes:
-Note to Teacher
-Assignment sheets
-Mission assignments (including an editable copy)
-Rockets to personalize
-Planet Practice Log Chart
-Badge designs
-Advancement Log
-Mission Overview
-Banner/Poster file
-Student Book Cover
PLUS- I threw in a little bonus! When you purchase this program it will include a FREE copy of the the Reach Beyond the Stars Board Game!

Magic of Music

Quite creative! Love to have different incentives to use with my students!” Mendy

Abracadabra! AlaKazoo! Looking for a little MAGIC in your studio this year?

Students will learn all the secrets to making magic with their music. Students will begin their magical journey as an Apprentice stretching themselves, learning as much as they can, exploring all the possibilities! Students will be earning points based on their accomplishments which will allow them to move up levels in the world of Music Magic.

You will receive a welcome letter explaining all the exciting things in store, tips, advancement certificates for students as they move up levels, a couple games, assignment and student workbook pages to help them along their magical journey.

-Note to Teacher
-Assignment sheets
-“Magic” Tricks (on assignment sheets)
-Advancement Certificates
-Magic of Music board game
-Mood Chart
-Student Workbook


Piano Karate

“I used Piano Karate in my studio last year to help motivate my students to practice more and improve their music skills like ear-training, theory and note-reading. It far surpassed my expectations, many more hours were practiced and my students are even asking what incentive program will be used next fall. I can’t wait to try Jennifer’s Magic of Music!” Claire

Piano Karate is a free yearly incentive program. Similar to the karate program, students pass off stripe tests. Once they pass off their 3 stripe tests in a particular category they advance to the next category working towards their black belt. Included is a note to teacher, an outline of belt tests and a teacher log sheet.

Download for free



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