An Inside Look at The Magical Lute; A Musical Quest

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I have had quite a few questions about the new incentive program in the last week so I thought I would create a video showing you first hand what this program is all about. I also address some of the questions that have been asked. The video is a little longer than I hoped but I literally went through everything in the program, so if you were considering doing this program, it is worth watching.

The Magical Lute; A Musical Quest is a year long incentive program for students that will keep them engaged and practicing. Students will literally be transported into another time through story telling and narrated challenges. It’s sure to be a favorite. Huzzah!

Challenges cover-
  • Medieval Music History/Instruments
  • Rhythm
  • Performance and Musicianship Skills
  • Scales
  • Phrasing
  • Note Reading
  • Articulation
  • Composition
Challenges can be adapted based on student needs. Some challenges are open in how you want to have students accomplish them.

For a more thorough inside look you will want to watch this video here(Note: Music Educator Resources was formerly known as FPSResources)

INCLUDES the following:

I tried my best to show a lot of what is included in the preview but it still only touching the surface. This pack is jam packed with goodies! Huzzah!


  1. Nancy Saunders

    Great video! Can’t wait til Sept to use this program!

    • FPSResources

      Thanks Nancy! Can’t wait to hear all about it! 🙂

  2. Saundra

    Thanks for the video Jennifer. Really helps me to learn exactly what is included in this incentive program.
    Are the challenges things that you do in lab time? Or are they part of the lesson and home assignment?

    • FPSResources

      Hi Saundra, it’s a mix… This is how I’m doing them:
      Medieval Musicians and Instruments will be done during lab time
      Dragon Scales: I will probably have them do this during their lesson time, but practice during lab time.
      Niddy Noddy Rhythm Wars: This will be done during lesson time because it is more of a game.
      Knights Note Tournament: This is a timed note test so will be done with me. Though you can opt to use a timed up like Music Flash Class and have them do it in lab.
      Creative Story Compositions- this can be done in lab or at home. I’ll probably have them do it during lab though.
      Then the 3 technique challenges (I left these totally up to you in what to do) will all be done during their lesson time.

      All of these except for the instrument one will only take 5 min. to do.
      Hope that helps! 🙂

      • Saundra

        Thanks Jennifer for your quick reply!!
        My computer is getting a tune-up and I havent had it for a week. ?. They just called to pick it up so you know what I’ll be doing tonight! Lots of shopping.
        Also a question about labs. I used to do them then didn’t. Everything is done in the lesson including iPad. But it just isn’t enough. Have you gone back to full lab times for all of your students? I am still waffling on this and it’s August!’

  3. FPSResources

    Oh boy, I’m sure you will be thrilled to get your computer back! Yes, my students do labs. They have been 15 min. labs (though siblings got 30min.) This year I decided to bump it up to 30 min. for all students.

  4. Saundra

    Has that been a scheduling issue to include a 30 minute lab? I’m assuming you are doing the overlap. Are you primarily doing MLC or your own plans? My brain is in overload right now.

    • FPSResources

      No quite the contrary. Two students come at the same time and just flip flop. I primarily do my own thing. 😉 I will also utilizing Piano Maestro and Sproutbeat a lot more this year during lab. At least half of their time will be spent on one or the other.

      • Saundra

        Thanks!! I’m just trying to figure out a lab fee for my studio. ;). For my area :(.
        Really like sproutbeat!! I want to use it more this year.

  5. Jan

    Jennifer, on the challenges, are you running them all month long or are you doing a one time thing? The Knightly note tournament could go on, to better their score. It seems like the musicians and instruments could take longer cause there’s a lot of info and I don’t have a lab time but the niddy noddy rhythms could be a one time thing. Just wondered how in depth you were going.

    • FPSResources

      Hi Jan, it’s really up to you. The knightly note tournament I think I’m going to run for a month. The musician and instruments will probably be broken into two lab time sessions. (You can spread this out all month though since you don’t have lab). I actually decided to do one page each month of the creative composition and then for challenge 8 it will be putting it all together into a complete composition. So really it all depends on your studio situation and preference in how to spread them out (or not). Hope that help!

      • Jan

        Thanks, that was very helpful especially the compositions done thru out the year. I really am having fun with this. I almost passed this incentive by, because I did something like it a few years back ending it with a narrative musical I created at the spring recital, which I think I will bring back again. But you did such a great job. I like the way you think. Too bad we live so far away from each other as I am in Michigan.

  6. FPSResources

    That is awesome! The narrative musical sounds fun! Maybe one day we will be able to meet! 🙂


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