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Pop With Music!

Pop With Music!

Awhile back ago I was looking for an excuse to purchase a pop it fidget toy. Now one might ask, why would I need an excuse? Ha, ha! Well, technically I don't, but I'm trying really hard not to buy things that will end up just collecting dust later. So I needed to find...

Halloween Music Jokes

Halloween Music Jokes

Let's kick off this post with a Halloween Music Joke! What is a Vampires favorite dance? The Fangdango of course! I thought you would enjoy that one. Hang tight because I have a lot of others to share with you. But before we get to those... Last weekend was our...

Summer Scheduling

Summer Scheduling

Every year about this time of year, piano teacher Facebook groups are flooded with the same question... how do you handle your summer scheduling? And the question is a good one because none of us like to lose income over the summer. I get it and 100% agree! Yet, this...

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