Halloween Music Themed Jokes Game


Get ready for some faBOOlous fun with this “I Have Who Has” style Halloween Music Themed Jokes game. Perfect for icebreakers, parties & performance events.
  • Game cardsPass out all 28 cards included. The student who has “start” begins by reading the question to the joke. All the other students look at their answers to see if they have the correct answer. If they think they do, then they give the answer (you can verify it’s correct from the answer sheet) and they will give their question and so on… It will continue until the last student at the end shouts Boo!
  • Game answer key
  • BONUS! Standard Joke Cards – Share Halloween music themed jokes during performance events, icebreaker activities, parties, etc.
Have more students than cards? Partner up! Have less? Double up on cards.

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