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Tim Topham’s ‘No Book Beginners‘ is a refreshing resource that will reshape the creative approach to teaching beginner piano students. 

Aimed at primary or elementary school age students (with adaptability for various age groups), ‘No Book Beginners’ promises an engaging and fun musical experience right from the first lesson.

Before we move forward, it’s helpful to know the past. ‘No Book Beginners’ shares an interesting history of written music and how reading became the emphasis of the musical experience, instead of just playing a part. While pondering, one can’t help but ask… “Where is music, without creativity?

Creative and Flexible

One of the most commendable aspects of the ‘No Book Beginners‘ framework is its emphasis on fostering creativity and curiosity in music-making. The lessons are carefully crafted to immerse students in creative activities, allowing them to explore music freely without the immediate need for traditional music reading. This approach not only keeps students 100% engaged but also lays a strong foundation for a deep understanding of musical concepts. 

The flexibility approach allows teachers to easily adapt the lesson plans to individual lessons, group or classroom settings, making it a versatile tool for educators. In addition, it will allow the teacher the freedom to expand upon or change up as much you need or would like to.

Self Assessment

The self-assessment quizzes embedded throughout the book add an extra layer of value. Teachers have the opportunity to reflect on their own teaching approaches, receiving personalized suggestions for improvement. This reflective element ensures continuous growth and refinement in becoming a better teacher. 

Section Takeaways

The section takeaways at the end of each chapter are a helpful addition. They provide quick summaries of key points, reinforcing crucial concepts and serving as handy reference points for teachers in the midst of their lessons.

‘No Book Beginners’ is designed not only to inspire the teacher to try more creativity in lessons with their students, but to also encourage their own creative ‘no book’ ideas. 

A Must-Have

In conclusion, ‘No Book Beginners‘ is a must-have resource for piano teachers seeking a fresh and effective approach to engage students in the world of music. It is a book that can be revisited again and again. 

Tim Topham’s innovative framework, coupled with insightful quizzes, takeaways, and inspiring stories, makes this book an invaluable asset for piano teachers looking to create a transformative and creative musical journey for their students.

Find ‘No Book Beginners’ on Amazon. (*affiliate link)

*If you are a member of TopMusic and are familiar with the No Book Beginner course inside the membership you may be asking, “does the book include more than what I can get in the membership?” The answer is yes. This book includes more than the lesson plans (about 100 more pages of reading) not found inside No Book Beginner course.


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