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I love to do practice incentive programs with my students each year. Not only do they help motivate many of my students, but just having a new theme to look forward to motivates and gets me excited about the new year. The great thing about doing a practice incentive program is that not only does it engage students during the year, but it helps them be mindful of their goals. Whether it is specific practice goals or leveling up in some way, they are able to see measurable progress.

I am doing a two-part post highlighting practice incentive programs that I have available. Many have their own blog post and/or video, so if you are interested in a particular one you can take a deeper look.


“Wow! This is an awesome year-long incentive! I have been wanting to do a 30-piece challenge. How clever to have the students’ practice incentive combined with a 30-piece challenge! Your materials are laid out very nicely and look professional – I can’t wait to hand out the workbooks to my students at our first Fall lesson, and they will LOVE the 30-Piece Challenge Poster! I am more pleased than you can imagine! Awesome resource, Jennifer! Another home run from you!” Mae

Musicathlon is an “Olympic” inspired practice incentive program. (Read here why the name changed) Students choose and complete different music themed events while completing a 30 piece challenge. See preview for a taste of just some of the printable you will receive.

Both summer and winter sports themed graphics are included in the decor and tag file so you can use this any time of the year. I like to use this program every 4 years. Mine just happens to correspond the same year as the winter olympics but can be done when the summer olympics are going on or perhaps you want to use this as a summer practice incentive. Totally up to you!


Avast Ye! Arrrr ye ready for a new practice incentive program this year? Journey to Hidden Treasures is the newest practice program here on Music Educator Resources. The crew is setting sail on a Journey to Hidden Treasures! A pirate-themed practice adventure where you will find gold, gems, and digital escape room challenges are all intertwined in the pirate ocean life adventure.

In Journey To Hidden Treasures, the goal is for students to demonstrate growth as they are discovering and mindfully using hidden treasures in music making as they practice and perform their pieces.

Jukebox Journey

This resource is so fun!!! One of my second-graders was dancing to the 1920 Time Travel Room. This is so original. I love the way it has encouraged my singers to sing music other than what is being played today. I feel it is worth way more than Jennifer charged!!!” Pamela F

Are you ready to have your students travel back in time? Celebrate over 100 years of music with Jukebox Journey! As students practice, they will travel back in time, exploring the roaring 20’s, all the way to a sneak peek into the future.

Hop in the jukebox time machine where students will experience and collect an item from each musical decade. With 10 different virtual music decade rooms to explore, this interactive experience will be like no other as they are transported in time through games, activities and videos. Certificates, time travel diary, social media and recital templates are just a few other things you will find. Teaching online? I have you covered! Teaching in person, everything is all ready for you including decor and photo props. Also included are a few fun bonuses, including the new Musical Decades Creative Story Composition resource!

A.N.T.H.E.M. (Apprentice Now Training for Heroic Effort in Music)

This was hands-down my favorite incentive program I’ve used! The goals within each category were customizable to what I needed my students to be focusing on. They LOVED having a mini superhero figure of themselves flying around to different superhero mission locations on the wall. They loved the way the missions were introduced. And there was a lot of great supplemental materials/game/music/etc included. I will be reusing this in a few years because it was so well received! Valerie M.

A.N.T.H.E.M. is looking for music superhero recruits! A.N.T.H.E.M. stands for Apprentice Now Training for Heroic Effort in Music. The focus of Anthem is musicianship skills with a growth mindset.

Students will train and work on 8 mission assignments earning musical “superpowers” throughout the year in a growth mindset setting. The A.N.T.H.E.M. mission assignments will be related to everything that makes our music shine. (Technique, notes, rhythm, dynamics, articulations, hearing, sight-reading and performance, etc…)

Calliope Musical Circus

“I used this as a year-long incentive in my studio this year. Students have been very motivated to complete the various circus “acts” and really rose to the challenge of increasing their musical skills.” BJ H.

Come One, Come All to the Calliope Musical Circus!

Students will be focusing on improving their ensemble skills with the goal of learning at least one duet a month. As they are passing off their duets they will be choosing from 10 different “circus acts” which are challenges varying from learning a piece by rote, composing, learning “animal” techniques to improve their playing and more!

Throughout the program, students will also have the opportunity to earn tickets when they “strive for 5!”

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