Music Teacher Tips and Tricks: A Year in Review 2019


It’s hard to believe that it was a year ago when I started recording Music Teacher Tips and Tricks. With 24 tips for 2019 I thought I would link to all of them below in case you missed any or wanted to re-watch any of them. The first couple are perfect to review for the New Year!

  1. Goal Setting
  2. Reflection
  3. Sphere Teaching Manipulative
  4. Saving Intruction Time
  5. Ladybug Manipulative (guest teacher tip)
  6. Note Stems
  7. Early Students 
  8. Entrance and Exit Engagement
  9. Monetize Your Recital Program
  10. Recital Program Online (guest teacher tip)
  11. 3 Wins for Your Studio Policy
  12. Practice Packets
  13. Legato vs Non-Legato
  14. Recital Rehearsal
  15. A Creative Spin on Performance Introductions
  16. Putting Together the “Puzzle” of Lesson Schedules
  17. Missed Lessons
  18. Getting to Know You Activities
  19. Establishing Boundaries
  20. Introductory Lesson Evaluations with Early Beginner Students
  21. Introductory Lesson Evaluations with New Beginner Students
  22. Introductory Lesson Evaluations with Transfer Students
  23. Strive for 5
  24. Christmas or Winter Camp

Are there any Music Teacher Tips and Tricks you would like to see for 2020? Or maybe you have a tip and trick that has worked well for you over the years. Either way, it’s easy to let me know! Just fill out this short form



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