Practice Packets (Music Teacher Tip #12)

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In 2016 I began another of what I like to call a win-win.  It has become a favorite option to give to my students as an “extra” option over the summer or as an option if they can’t participate in a camp. It also works very well in lessons when students need to miss for an extended period of time. I have  about this subject, but I wanted to do a teacher tip as well. I hope it inspires!

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Practice Charts 

*NEW* Practice Packet Printables

*NEW* Tonara– Since the original recording of this video, I have started using Tonara as a place to host all my video lessons and supplemental resource for students to access. I am an affiliate that helps you save 20% when you use the code: MER20 but more importantly, I am a HUGE fan of everything it does to help make my teaching life easier.

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  1. Lena

    Do you have a sample of a video lesson available to watch? Trying to wrap my head around how to format and what to do.


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