3 Wins for Your Studio Policy (Music Teacher Tip #11)

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Are you in the middle of updating your studio policy? Or maybe you are just getting started in creating one? I have learned over the years (and sometimes the hard way) that a solid studio policy is an absolute must. Implementing a policy is an important communication tool which sets up your expectations up front. Therefore, helping you run your business smoothly. I don’t know about you, but my goal in having a strong policy is to allow me to focus more on teaching and less on problems. Having a strong and solid policy, allows you to focus more on what is most important, your students. Without a studio policy, clear communication is missing and confusion can set in. Once you create a policy that you are happy with, it’s important to stick to the policy.

Where do I start? I would start by listing out your major stresses in your business? What gives you the most grief? What are you most frustrated with? 

In this music teacher tip, I share 3 common frustrations teachers have and some win-win solutions that can be implemented. Once you have those stresses nailed down, then it is time to find those win-wins! 

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Sometimes the biggest frustration is how to reply to families who decide to test your policies. I have created some Studio Policy Script Starters (or here on TpT) that will help you get started in your reply that will remind them of your policies. These script starters are also INCLUDED in the Creating a Studio Policy and Sticking To It course. 

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