Getting to Know You Activities (Music Teacher Tip #18)

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It’s back to school time, which means you will want some fun getting to know you activities in your arsenal. Getting to know our students help create a sense of belonging. It can help us when we are trying to figure out what music will motivate them. It also lets them know we care about them and in turn it will lead to trust in us to provide them with a positive music experience.

In today’s teacher trick I go through some of my favorite getting to know you activities. I do most of these in a group setting, I call fall kickoff. If you search on my blog for fall kickoff you will see a lot of posts and examples of what I do. I introduce our new theme for the year (this year in 2019, it’s Calliope Musical Circus), we “Surprise the Teacher” or share summer practice projects and we play some getting to know you games and activities. It’s a great way to kickoff of the fall semester!

I share at least 10 Getting to Know You Activity ideas for you in the video below! Many you can even combine!


Getting to Know You Music BUNDLE | Digital and Printable

Getting to Know You | Music Themed | Slides and Cards for Online or In Person

Getting to Know You | Music Edition | Editable and Reproducible Worksheets

Getting to Know You Music Fidget Spinner Game

Find the Getting to Know You Resources above on TpT too!


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