Strive for 5! (Music Teacher Tip #23)

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Strive for 5 is something I started last year (2018) with my students to boost practice slumps. You can read the original post here, but I wanted to share a little bit more in depth about Strive for 5 and share what I did last year in comparison to what I am doing this year. It’s all about experimenting to see what works best. I’m looking forward to seeing the results at the end of the year!

In a nutshell, Strive for 5 is exactly what you might think it means. I want students to strive for 5 days of practice that week. If your students are anything like mine (which I am imagining they are), then 5 days can sometimes be a stretch for many of them. There is SO many other things that are taking their time away from their piano (or other instrument) practice. Sports, other activities, homework, projects, video games, YouTube, Netflix… and that is just naming a few. In my studio, it has always been a goal of mine to have students practice at least 5 days a week. I don’t really even care about how long they are at the bench for as long as they get there. ((I’m a big supporter of goal-based practice)

I hope this music teacher tip sparks a practice boost with your students!

Are you interested on where to find the musical goodies I added in my mystery music circus bag? Here are the (affiliate) links…

Music Socks– This is the set I bought but as a dozen. I couldn’t find them in a dozen option, so maybe they are out of stock of that option right now? Here is another other fun option to consider as well… Colorful Music Ankle Socks

(Quick note on the socks… I didn’t worry too much about the size. I ordered a set of 9-11 ladies which should be big enough for all my students. They will be too big for my younger students, but that is okay… they will eventually grow into them, plus they are for fun. “Kick off your shoes and rock your socks!”)

Music Page Holder Clips

Music Prismatic Stickers

Music Silicone Bracelets

Treble Clef Pencils

Melody Pops

In a future bag, I’ll probably add some animal crackers, maybe even some popcorn since we have a circus theme.

Below is a free Strive for 5 printable you can use with your students. This is what I gave last year to remind them to Strive for 5 and then we re-used it for the drawing.


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