We are about 8 weeks into the school year now and while students are getting settled into their routine, sports have been starting to take over in their mindset. As we know there are ups and downs in how busy students are. Sometimes it feels like some of them are constantly going with no breaks at all during the year and then some you simply just ride the wave as their practice routines have highs and lows.

I thought it was time for a little practice motivation boost, so this week I gave the challenge for students to strive for 5 days of practice. I gave each student a card and let them know this week I wanted them to strive for 5 days of practice. Those that came back with 5 or more days will be entered into a drawing to win all access to the Note Quest app. (Read the review on the app) I let them know that I will be drawing 3 names.

All students who do complete the challenge will receive a button to add to their lanyard (read this post for details on the lanyard and buttons).

While I always have a yearly incentive program, sometimes it’s fun to do these little motivational boosts to get them going again. Do you do anything to give your students a little boost when you notice practice slacking?

I gave the printable below to each student to remind them to Strive for 5. Then the following week, if they did, I had them write their name on the back and put it in the basket for the drawing. If you would like a Strive for 5 printable, you can grab it below. The design works well for any theme or no theme at all.


UPDATE! Since I originally did Strive for 5 last year with success, (the girl scout thin mints were a HUGE hit!) I thought I would do it again this year. This time I thought I would experiment a little and change things up a bit. To go along with our Circus theme, students will earn tickets for each week they were able to strive for 5. At the end of each month, I will be drawing a winner for a mystery music circus bag. The bag will be full of some musical goodies. I just did a big update going through Strive for 5 in more detail and showing you what the first mystery bag had inside. Check it out at Music Teacher Tip #23: Strive for 5!


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