Fall Kickoff 2018

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This last week was our fall kickoff! I always look forward to the fall kickoff. I have been doing this for years and found that not only is it a great way to get excited about the new school year but it has also been a perfect way to ease back into a routine without the overwhelm.

This is the time where I introduce our new theme, we share what they have done over the summer, do some kind of activity and/or game. Students come on their normal scheduled lesson day, but all the same hour. If they can’t make it at that time on their normal lesson day, they just switch to a different day, no biggie. If they can’t make it, then I just see them the following week when our regular lessons begin and I’ll introduce the new program to those that couldn’t make it, individually.

Our theme this year, is a superhero theme using the new program, A.N.T.H.E.M. When students walked in the door, the first thing they saw was our superhero backdrop that I hung on the wall. I got this backdrop at Oriental Trading and it was huge! What you see was just 2 of the 3 panels it came with. I added some of our super word bubbles (Pow, Bam, etc.) onto the backdrop.

Backdrop from Oriental Trading (2 of the 3 panels hung)

Students had a great time choosing among the different mask options (Party City has a lot of color options for only .99 each) and taking their superhero picture against the backdrop.

Then it was time to officially introduce the A.N.T.H.E.M. program. I first showed the introduction video (you can actually view the introduction video by clicking the play button on this page if you are curious). This set the stage and afterward, I went through their workbook and explained the expectations for this year.

After we learned about the A.N.T.H.E.M. program, it was time to make our superhero “alter ego’s”! Students chose a superhero name, colored their superhero body and later that night I added the headshot I took of them to their superhero body. They will use the “alter ego’s” all year long as they “fly” around the studio wall when they advance in the program.


Students also received a superhero lanyard to keep track of the mission assignment progress. They also have a chance to earn “super buttons” if they “wow” me during the year.

Be careful, Oriental Trading is dangerous…$

After we were done with all SUPER fun activities, it was time to SURPRISE THE TEACHER! Students shared something musical they learned or did over the summer. I had a student share a composition, one shared a piece that she transposed, another shared that they reached chapter 28 in Piano Maestro and played a piece, and many shared a new piece they learned.

Before everyone left, I passed out a SUPER treat. A “Music is My Superpower” shield. (you can download the printable for free here). 

I then transferred my backdrop from my living room over to my music lab room and created this area we will enjoy all year long when we take pictures of their progress.

This time I used all 3 panels. Can you spot the door handle?

We had a SUPER time at fall kickoff this year!


  1. Anitta Perkins

    Thank you for sharing these ideas and pics. Purchased and will be using this in my Piano Studio this year too!

    • Jennifer Foxx

      Thanks Anitta! I hope it goes well for you and your students! 🙂


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