Can you believe we are saying goodbye to 2016? What a year it has been! I didn’t realize how big of a year it’s been until I started working on this post. I want to thank you for being part of it all! Before the January newsletter goes out on the 1st, I wanted to share the BEST OF 2016. What have been some of your favorites this year?


The most popular posts by month…


Start the Year off Right with S.M.A.R.T. Goals– In this post I share what S.M.A.R.T. goals are and how you use them for both my students and I. I also give you a free resource to download!


Two Music Games Students will LOVE!– These are a couple games that were absolute hits at Christmas camp a couple months prior. The great thing about them is they could be used anytime of year.

Another popular one was Got Wiggly Students? I share several ideas what  you can do with your wiggly students.


Google Drive Registrations Made Easy– In this post I share how I use google docs in my studio.


Creative Practice Tools and Ideas– A bunch of ideas and resources relating to practicing. There are a couple free downloads in this post too!


Storybook Compositions– In this post I share what storybook compositions are. You can see a sample plus an “inside” look. My students really enjoy creating storybook compositions.

Group Lessons Goes Tech- Technology can be a fun tool even in group lessons or camps.


There were several popular posts in June…

Motivating Practice Over the SummerSometimes summer can be hard to keep students motivate to practice. I give several ideas to consider in this post.

10 Things to Think About when Re-Evaluating Your Studio Policies– It’s always a good idea to re-evaluate your studio policies each year. In this post I share 10 things to think about…

How to Respond to Bullies When You Own Your Own Business


Are you a People Pleaser? Most of us are. Find out how to find that win-win.

Purposeful Practice– This was something that I really wanted to focus on this year. It was my 2016 goal to have students be more purposeful in both lessons and lab time.


August had several popular posts…

Music Task Cards Q&A– I introduced the music task cards and answer a lot of questions you might have about them.

Why You Won’t See Certain Resources– A great article that might surprise you.

12 Ways to Motivate Students to Practice– We can never have to many ideas when it comes to motivating practice!


Sit or Stand– What do you do?

Tech Tuesday: Note Rush App– I did a video review of this fantastic note-reading app


5 Creative Times for Practice a post you can forward to your parents!


Sound Stories and Poems– an easy and fun activity you can do at groups and camps.

Christmas Camp: The Most Wonderful Time of the Year! What is Christmas camp and why you should consider doing one.


Light up the March from the Nutcracker



Top 10 resources in the store:

10.A-G Caterpillar Puzzle Game

9.(I Spy) Musical Treasure Hunt

8.Nutcracker Bingo

7.Christmas Around the World

6.Practice Games and Tools

5.Boo! A Rhythm Bump It Game

4.Composer Time Capsule: Bach

3.Reach Beyond the Stars Incentive Program

2.Getting to Know You Music Edition

1.Nutcracker Music Activity Worksheets

Click here for even more resources


Top 3 Courses- (more coming in 2017!)

3.The Basics of Starting a Music Lab– A free course to help you get started!

2.Creating a Studio Policy and STICKING to it!  Everything from creation all the way to a helpful script when a parent decides to “test” your policy.

1.Make More Teach Less; A Comprehensive Guide to Running a Music Camp or WorkshopAll the ins and outs!


Top 5 freebies

5.Christmas Around the World Coloring Book Samples

4.iPad and Tablet Rules

3.Attitude Poster

2.Oh Snap!

1.Piano Karate Program

Click here for even more freebies!



I’m really looking forward in 2017. One of my goals this year is to really focus even more on YOU. Your needs and wants for both you and your students. What tips and resources can help you with your teaching this year? To help me serve you better, can you do me a huge favor and fill out this survey? It would mean a lot to me! I know your busy so to say thank you I created a worksheet activity freebie you can use with your students. Trust me, no matter what you may teach, they will LOVE it! I’m also holding a giveaway for those who take the few minutes to fill it out.  Thank you in advance and have a safe and Happy New Year! Click here for the survey and giveaway details.

Let’s continue the best year ever in 2017!

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