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This year in the studio my big focus was on composition. Each month I would have my students create a storyline along with a melody that would go with their story. As the months progressed they were adding to their story and their composition. I LOVED putting these two concepts together into one, calling it “Creative Story Compositions.”

On the very last month I had them choose a couple of their pages that they felt would go well together and put together a complete composition using an ABA pattern with an optional Coda adding in the bass clef. (If we had more time, I might have them to do that with each page.)

Screen Shot 2016-05-19 at 1.10.51 PM

About halfway through the year and then also at the end, I would take some time during their lesson (my students worked on these during their lab time), and make sure their notation was correct (stems facing the right direction…), rhythm matched the time signature, etc… This was a great way to review basic theory composition and notating techniques.

Once all the storybook pages were finished, I took them and bound their creative story compositions, adding their name to the front cover and presented it to students at their recital. A wonderful keepsake they can look back on!


I really enjoyed doing this activity with them all year. Because this year was a quest, that was the theme of their storybook. I have made several different themes if you are interested you can click the links below. If there is a certain theme you would like to see, let me know! I’ve had several teachers tell me that their students have been enjoying their story compositions as well! Storybook compositions would also make a great summer project as well as a fun activity during camps, workshops and group lessons!

Want an inside look on how it all works? I posted a video of this last August explaining what it is all about and the different options you can do with it. (Including what those line patterns are all about on the pages in the student sample above)

Here are the current Creative Story Compositions available to purchase. I’m always happy to do more themes and have a few in mind I’m thinking of starting, but if you have one in mind, let me know!

A Pirates Life!

Medieval Quest

Carnival Circus

Fall Fun

Trick or Treat

Fa La La!

Be sure to follow my store on TpT so you can be notified when I have something new available. I always put new items at 20% off the first 24 hours they are available.

Happy Composing!


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