A Sneak Peak of this Years Practice Incentive Program!

It’s the 3rd week in the #TpTChallenge and this week is Make Your Masterpiece! I gave a little spoiler when I was on The Modern Musicians Show with Colin Thomson the other day so I thought I would give even more today! As most of you know I have been diligently working hard on this years theme. I still have a couple weeks to polish it off, but I am just so darn excited I can’t WAIT until lessons begin! This year students will be going on a story-based quest where they will complete challenges along the way. EVERYTHING you […]

Makeover Madness

I am participating in a #TPTSellerChallenge where we are supposed to give some of our old products a makeover! I’ve been doing some small makeovers the last week or so but I was really excited because I knew which product in my store needed a major makeover. It has been on my list for awhile and this has given me the push to get it done! So I am happy to announce that Magic of Music got a makeover! Check out some of these before and after pics! HUGE difference! It makes me want to do this incentive program all over again! […]

Freebie waiting…

I’m so excited! I’m only 6 likes away from 700 on Facebook! When I reach 700 I will offer these fun spaced themed Student of the Month and Student of the Week certificates that are not in my TpT store yet for FREE for the first 48 hours! There are 9 different designs. Two of them have black and white versions you can use as well. They are just sitting on my desktop waiting for those 6 more likes!  So who is going to help push it to 700? Click here to like. Spread the word so I can give […]

Reach Beyond the Stars- Student Booklets

I just picked up my order of the student booklets for the Reach Beyond the Stars program. They look so good! I thought I would share my printing instructions to my printer in case you wanted to do your booklets like these. (Other options include comb binding and 3-hole punch for binders) Saddle stitch staple binding Front cover- Reach Beyond the Stars Student BkCover.pdf Inside cover- Planet Practice Chart.pdf (Inside pages will be back to back…) Page 1- Reach Beyond the Stars Advancement Log.pdf Page 2- Reach Beyond the Stars Mission Overview.pdf Page 3-5- Mission Assignments.pdf Page 6+ (however many weeks […]

Milestone Celebration!

Whoohoo! I’m excited to announce that I have officially reached my first TpT milestone. I have reached and surpassed 100 followers! Thank you so much if you are one of them! To celebrate I will be giving a two-part freebie. One will be posted on Facebook for all my Facebook fans and TpT followers. The 2nd one will only be posted for TpT followers. This is something you will be able to use with the first freebie, so if you are not a follower yet, I am giving you advance notice to follow by tomorrow morning because once the note goes […]

Reach Beyond the Stars Banner

Yesterday the Reach Beyond the Stars banner I ordered from VistaPrint arrived. It looks so good. (Tip: If yours ends up with a small white border like mine did, just cut it off.) You can see the dimensions to the banners options from VistaPrint here. The medium might be a little too big for some of you (it was bigger than I was expecting) but it looks great and I had the perfect spot in my lab room for it. Here it is on the wall… Students will be coloring their rockets at our fall kickoff in 2 weeks and […]

Reach Beyond the Stars Badges

I just finished up my first order of Reach Beyond the Stars badges and getting ready to ship them off to the teacher and her students! So excited! Students will earn these badges as they advance ranks. When you purchase the Reach Beyond the Stars Practice Incentive Program, you have the option to make your own badges for your students or order them. If you decide to order them through me (you will see ordering details when you purchase the program), please give me a good 2-3 week notice before you need them. Depending on your studio size, they can […]

Reach Beyond the Stars- A Practice Incentive Program

I’m excited to announce that I have completed my new incentive program for this year! A lot of hours went into developing this program and I can confidently say that it is OUT OF THIS WORLD! As students practice they will make their way throughout the solar system reaching beyond the stars. When they land or pass a planet they will complete mission assignments and advance ranks. If you have students who love space themes, (boys especially!) they will really enjoy this program. It is a motivating program that encourages students to want to practice so they can progress along with their […]

Tech Tuesday: Grand Opening FPSResources TPT Store!

This last weekend I was able to attend the TpT conference at the Venetian in Las Vegas. I learned a lot and am excited to announce the GRAND OPENING of my TpT store! Right now my store is pretty new but I am planning on filling it up with lots of musical goodies. I have a new incentive program coming that I am super stoked about. And some downloads in my store will even be FREE! (Hint there are already some freebies over there!) To make sure you stay updated on what is new in the store, as well as […]

Be Our Guest! Common Time: Creating Community Within Your Studio

I’m happy to introduce our March guest, Megan Desmarais. You will want to make sure you read her post as it is filled with wonderful ideas. Be sure to visit her blog, Pianissimo- a very piano blog when you get the chance. Common Time:  Creating Community Within Your Studio As a piano teacher, one of my goals has always been to create and maintain a sense of community within my studio.  Since playing the piano can, at times, be a fairly solitary experience, I also want to show my students that it can be the opposite.  Enjoying and making music is […]