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Yesterday the Reach Beyond the Stars banner I ordered from VistaPrint arrived. It looks so good. (Tip: If yours ends up with a small white border like mine did, just cut it off.) You can see the dimensions to the banners options from VistaPrint here. The medium might be a little too big for some of you (it was bigger than I was expecting) but it looks great and I had the perfect spot in my lab room for it.

Here it is on the wall…


Students will be coloring their rockets at our fall kickoff in 2 weeks and then they will work on moving them up the banner as they advance ranks. (Do you see my rocket in the picture below?) Even though there are personal visuals included for students to see their progress, I also wanted to include a visual that could be displayed for all students to see as some students are motivated by others.



Check out this post on tips for creating a Reach Beyond the Stars student booklet. 

Reach Beyond the Stars Practice Incentive Program


  1. Robyn

    Looks great- an amazing incentive and way for kids to see their progress!

  2. Lorie Burningham

    Thanks for all the info!!! Do you think that 30 rockets would fit on the medium size?

    • foxxpianostudio

      Yes, that is one of the reasons I got the medium size. (I’ll need 35) After putting it up I figured I can get two rows per planet using both sides of the planet. I don’t think I would have been able to with a small banner.

  3. Christy Alfredson

    Jennifer–I am so excited to be doing the Reach beyond the stars this year with my students. How do you stick your little rockets to the poster and then be able to move them?

    • Jennifer Foxx

      Hi Christy, yay! That’s awesome! I just used those removable mounting squares or sometimes the “putty” and they usually work well. Make sure it says removeable and it should work for you! Hope your students enjoy the program!



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