Are Your Favorite Apps Going Away? PART 2

This is a “part 2” to the original post, Are Your Favorite Apps Going Away? This last week I have been contacting app publishers/developers like crazy hoping to find out if they have any plans on updating their 32-bit app to 64-bit so it will work on iOS11. I thought I would share who I have heard from and what I have found out. Keep in mind, I have not heard back from everyone by my deadline, so I will come back to this post and update it as I receive more responses.   Audio Ninja- Sad news about Audio […]

Tech Tuesday: Student Proofing Your iPad

  While I would like to think that my students will do just as they are told and follow all the iPad Rules, there are extra precautions teachers can take to make sure students stay on task when they are using the iPad at lessons. Some of them you may be aware of, some might just make your day! Passcode I have a couple iPads (okay 3…). One is for my use only and the other 2 are available for students. For my personal iPad I don’t want my students going into it without permission. So I have set up an […]


If you missed this post a couple days ago, you may have missed that The Most Addicting Sheep Game is BACK in action! Now if you don’t have this game yet, you may be asking yourself… What’s the BIG DEAL Anyway? Well… Simply put, there is a reason why the word “addicting” is part of the title! True to video game format, players will need to play it over and over and over again in order to progress levels. But the cool thing is they WANT to! So What Does This Game Have To Do With MUSIC? While the original idea […]

Tech Tuesday: Dragon Scales

Speaking of Dragons (if you saw my post earlier today, you will know what I’m talking about)…  Dragon Scales, an iOS app for the iPad is on sale 40% off for the month of March. Dragon Scales is a fun way for students to review their scales. Students begin by playing the scale on the iPad keyboard. The goal is to play it up and down correctly before the dragon gets the knight. (Warning: sometimes boys like it when this happens) There are several speeds and game length options to choose from. So if a student is just learning a new scale they […]

Be Our Guest: Can my iPad REALLY be used for piano practice? SERIOUSLY-REALLY?

You are in for a fun treat with our guest blogger today. Becki Laurent is full of positive energy and is a big proponent of staying relevant with our students. She offers some great tips on what she has used successfully with her students including her own kids. Enjoy today’s post… I’m a piano teacher.  I’ve been a tech girl since I was 3.  I had a Merlin. Do you remember that? It was red and looked like an old cell phone? My mom tells the story that on my 6th Christmas as I was opening my presents I said to […]

Tech Tuesday: HanonPlus iPad app

This year my students will be using a brand new app that is out called HanonPlus. HanonPlus is by the same creators of SightReadPlus and SightRead minor. If you missed those reviews you can find them below. SightReadPlus Review SightReadMinor Review HanonPlus has a very similar feel to the other two apps I mentioned, which is nice. I appreciate that it allows you to log in more then one user (up to 50 users!) so individual students in your studio can keep track of their progress. You can use HanonPlus with an acoustic piano or keyboard. HanonPlus doesn’t require any […]

MMF Piano Primer iPad App

Andy Fling, creator of the Making Music Fun website has created a new iPad app, MMF Piano Primer. If you are familiar with the Making Music Fun website you will know that it offers a lot of free resources for teachers. Music, certificates, games, charts and more! In the MMF Piano Primer app for the iPad you will find 19 pieces students will enjoy such as Bubble Gum and Jack be Nimble, composed by Andy. Included in the app is a recording of each piece, a note to parents and teachers, an introduction of piano theory basics, worksheets and a certificate […]

Tech Tuesday: The iPad Piano Studio (review and giveaway!)

When Leila Viss first announced on her blog that she had something exciting in store, I knew it had to be good. As expected, her surprise was an exciting one when she announced details about her new book,The iPad Piano Studio: Keys to Unlocking the Power of Apps. With a little encouragement and support from several friends, Leila made this book possible to help teachers feel more comfortable with the way technology is moving forward. The great thing about iPads is the technology is really not too complicated. I find it much easier to work and keep up with then […]

Want to play MLC on your iPad?

Want to play on your iPad? It is possible! All you need is an app that allows for ‘flash’ games. A couple years ago I had downloaded iSwifter. At the time it was a set price, but from what I hear now it is free to download and then it’s an in app subscription. I also noticed some complaints that they now had pop up ads. I didn’t notice any the other day when I was using it so it’s possible that has even changed since it wasn’t giving them very good reviews. I was looking for some other options and […]

Tech Tuesday: NoteWorks now available on iPhone and iPod Touch!

Exactly one year tomorrow I reviewed what is now one of my favorite note reading apps I like to use with my students. NoteWorks. You can read the original review here. I’m excited to announce that if you do not currently own an iPad, you can now download NoteWorks on your iPhone or iPod Touch! I played around with it on my iPhone and it is the same great program, albeit everything is smaller. Overall I prefer to play most of my piano game apps on the iPad, but for families who don’t own one, this is a great recommendation […]