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If you missed this post a couple days ago, you may have missed that The Most Addicting Sheep Game is BACK in action!

Now if you don’t have this game yet, you may be asking yourself…

What’s the BIG DEAL Anyway?

Well… Simply put, there is a reason why the word “addicting” is part of the title! True to video game format, players will need to play it over and over and over again in order to progress levels. But the cool thing is they WANT to!

So What Does This Game Have To Do With MUSIC?

While the original idea of TMASG was not intended to be a game for music students, it ended up doing that in a big way. As described in the iTunes store, “The Most Addicting Sheep Game is an engagingly simple rhythm platformer where jumps and rolls must be perfectly timed to the music to complete the increasingly complex levels with maximum score. Oh, and it has a cute sheep.” Students must keep the beat for the sheep to be successful in all the runs, jumps and rolls.

Screen Shot 2016-03-11 at 12.28.09 PM

Justin, a musician himself created this game because it was a game HE wanted to play. Little did he know how popular it would become with music teachers and their students!

Fun Fact

Justin first created this game for Xbox. He shared, “It was heaps of fun playing it with the “guitar” controller from Band Hero!”

Fun Idea

Many times I have used apps in a group setting but never thought about using TMASG in a group. Well Marie Lee with Southern Nevada Music School did just that! She shares, “I have my iPad hooked up to a large screen TV. Students take turns playing. Two days ago I had a class of boys that randomly started jumping in rhythm along with the sheep on the screen. Here’s a video of a group that just started clapping to the beat on their own. This game is a great way to practice keeping an even tempo and all ages love it!”

Where Can You Find TMASG?

Now this is the cool part! It is available on several platforms!

iOS (8.0 or later- Compatible with iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch)
Windows Phone
Xbox 360

And soon to be Android with your help!

iOS teachers, you can support this campaign as well. As Justin explains, “supporting this campaign is not just about getting TMASG onto Android. It’s about keeping it there and keeping it alive on iOS as well. Two things have happened recently that I thought spelt the end for TMASG: Apple released iOS 9 which was not compatible with my code and Microsoft announced the retiring of the Xbox 360 Indie Games section. As a pet project with just one person in charge of everything, from coding to graphics and music, I did not think I would ever have the time again to make the necessary updates. But I am determined! I have been working hard on a new cross-platform version of the game which I’ve already submitted to Apple for approval (which should go live within a week or two) and which lays the groundwork for the Android port. In short, your support will aid enormously in getting The Most Addicting Sheep Game onto Android as well as securing its future on iOS.”

Stay Connected

If you are a teacher, you may want to join the new TMASG Music Teachers Group

You can also like TMASG on Facebook too!


Now the super fun part! Justin gave me 3 codes to giveaway to some lucky teachers. These codes are for iOS devices (iPhone, iPad, iPod) If you already have TMASG, go ahead and enter anyway and give a code to a lucky student of yours if you win!

To enter the giveaway just click HERE. Deadline to enter is by Wednesday, March 16, 2016.


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  1. Christine Bookman

    So glad it’s back! I know some kids who will be over the moon about this!!!


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