Want to play MLC on your iPad?


Want to play MusicLearningCommunity.com on your iPad? It is possible! All you need is an app that allows for ‘flash’ games. A couple years ago I had downloaded iSwifter. At the time it was a set price, but from what I hear now it is free to download and then it’s an in app subscription. I also noticed some complaints that they now had pop up ads. I didn’t notice any the other day when I was using it so it’s possible that has even changed since it wasn’t giving them very good reviews. I was looking for some other options and found Photon Flash Player for iPad !

One thing to keep in mind with any flash apps, is they do tend to have a slight “lag”. So don’t expect it to be as fast as a Safari browser for example. Most of the games will be just fine playing via the flash app, but every once in a while you might notice a game that has a little more lag than others.

Overall it is a nice thing to have and suggest to your students to use at home. My main excuse why students haven’t done their MLC assignment is that the computer wasn’t working. If they have an iPad, having a flash app, solves that problem.

If you are not familiar with MusicLearningCommunity.com here are a couple past posts you will want to check out.


https://musiceducatorresources.com/2013/08/27/tech-tuesday-a-tech-filled-day/ (See #1)

Just an update from the second link above, I am LOVING the Lifetime Musician feature. It is still in the beta phase but we are using it full force in my studio and it has cut my prep time for MLC assignments in half. Thank you Chris!!!


  1. Genny

    Had no idea that was possible! It never even crossed my mind to look for an app like this. Very cool. MLC was one of the only reasons I haven’t converted into an all-iPad studio…now what excuse do I have?


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