Are Your Favorite Apps Going Away? PART 2

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This is a “part 2” to the original post, Are Your Favorite Apps Going Away?

This last week I have been contacting app publishers/developers like crazy hoping to find out if they have any plans on updating their 32-bit app to 64-bit so it will work on iOS11. I thought I would share who I have heard from and what I have found out.

Keep in mind, I have not heard back from everyone by my deadline, so I will come back to this post and update it as I receive more responses.


Audio Ninja- Sad news about Audio Ninja… the publisher stopped investing in the development of the app to 64 bit so the developer has no plans to update it. HOWEVER, they are currently developing a new game called Boom Fighters which they say has a similar gameplay to Audio Ninja but players will be able to design levels (compose drum sequences) and optionally play the game with standard MIDI interfaces. It actually looks pretty cool if you want to check out the demo’s of what it will be. and This should be released during the 2nd quarter of 2018. If you want to stay updated you can follow on social media…

Also a side note, Audio Ninja is made by the same developer team who made Moana Rhythm Run. I don’t have this app yet, but it’s been on my wish list. Feel free to share in the comments what you think about Moana Rhythm Run. It seems to have a similar feel to Audio Ninja so you may want to check it out if you haven’t already. I did hear from some teachers that have it that it is only music from the movie, Moana and the rhythms seem to have more syncopation. So even though it says it is geared for the younger kids, the rhythms are actually trickier and may not suit them as well. It does work on iOS11.

Blob Chorus UPDATE– Blog Chorus is now ready for iOS11!

Due to high demand they are going to re-release the app so it can work with iOS11. In the meantime, Blob Chorus, as well as access to 30 other music games, are available in their subscription online. They are offering a free month trial for my readers! You can sign up for a free months trial by going to:, login using the Username: KingBlob Password: SingsOn

Note: Some of the online games are flash. So just a quick note when using flash games on the iPad… You will need to go through a flash enabled app like, Photon. They are working on a HTML version for Blob Chorus and some others (where you wouldn’t need to go through a flash app) but it may be up to a year in development. The resources marked with an orange HTML5 logo can be used on iPads without going through Photon (or similar app).

Beat the Melody– waiting on response

Dragon Scales- Dragon Scales is updating. Not only is this good news but Luke is updating it to include new features such as the ability to play the scales on an acoustic piano or MIDI keyboard. This is the update I have been hoping and waiting for! Yay! You can register to be notified when it is updated at

Falling Keys– no way to contact

HearItNoteIt– waiting on response

Home Concert Xtreme– While the original HCX (legacy version) won’t work with iOS 11, the new Home Concert Xtreme 3 app for iPad is now available in the App Store. They are offering a low, introductory price for your benefit. HCX 3 has all of the same award-winning features and interactivity of the original iPad app. And, they added a few new things, too! In the new HCX 3, you’ll find:

  • Bluetooth LE MIDI Support
  • A new, MUCH improved set of General MIDI sounds
  • A new collection of FREE MIDI Files
For a limited time, this new app will be available for only $9.99!
IMPORTANT REMINDER– Before you delete the old app, move your MIDI files to the new app. Want to stay in the loop? Join the HCX facebook group.

Isle of TuneUPDATE Now available for iOS11!

Play for free via web browser instead at (need flash app, like Puffin or Photon, if on iPad)

Kinderbach– this one has been unsupported for awhile. There are no plans on bringing it back.

Melody/Melody– waiting on response

MonkeyDrum– waiting on response

Music for Little Mozarts– Alfred Music developers has no plans to update this app at this time.

Music Intervals, Music Keys, Music Cubes and Music Tones by Foriero- are not coming back. HOWEVER new and improved apps specifically for music education is coming! I’ll keep you updated.

Music Theory for Beginners– waiting on response

MyRhythm– The new iOS11 version of MyRhythm should now be available. The version for iPhone (MyRHythm HD) is forthcoming as is the compatible version for Ultimate Ear Trainer.

Note Perfect– waiting on response

Note Squish– no way to contact (all his apps are no longer in the App Store)

Treble Kids– waiting on response

TuneTrain– WILL be updating. Can’t give an exact release date but will let me know when it’s available.

PenguinChase and Pluto Piano– no way to contact (email bounced, website gone)

PianoGames– I don’t know how many of you had/remembered the JoyTunes PianoGames app. This was all anthems from different countries. JoyTunes reminded me that they have a national anthems category in Piano Maestro and she said to stay tuned for more after I reminded them it was an Olympic year. Looking forward to whatever updates they end up doing for that.

RhytRep– no way to contact

Rhythm Expert– For personal challenges/reasons, not able to update.

Rhythm Racer/Rhythm Racer 2– gone from App Store (2 is still showing up but not supported)

Rhythm Training (Sight Reading)– waiting on response

Right Note – Ear Trainer– no plans to update

Singing Fingers– Hoping to update the app. He has started work on it but doesn’t want to make any promises about if and when it will get done.

Simon’s Cat– waiting on response

Symphonica– After receiving an automated response they received my email, I received this follow-up email… “That information has not yet been announced or we are not able to comment at this time. Please stay up to date on our website ( for up to date information on our titles (both current and upcoming). We apologize we cannot assist further at this time.”

Fun fact: Square Enix is the same company that makes the Final Fantasy games. Who knows, maybe something even better is in store?!

Toontastic (all varieties)- waiting for response

TrainBeats– waiting on response

Treble Kids– waiting on response

Ultimate Ear Trainer– Update is forthcoming.

VidRhythm– waiting on response

Young Person’s Guide to the Orchestra– They don’t currently have plans to update the Young Person’s Guide to the Orchestra app. However, you can access the content directly from their website, at (will need flash app, like Puffin or Photon, if on iPad)


If there is a 32-bit app you were hoping to hear about that is not listed above, leave it in the comments below and I will do my best to contact them.

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  1. Christie

    Do you know if Flashnote Derby, Rhythm Cat and NinGenius are 32-bit?

    • Jennifer Foxx

      Hi Christie, all of those are 64-bit. 😉

  2. Darcy Olson

    I use the app MoosicStudio every day! But I’ve noticed that they are no longer updating. Is this going to go away??

    • Jennifer Foxx

      Hi Darcy, Moosic Studio is 64 bit. Carlos said it was updated a year ago. Hope that helps! Here is their facebook page: If you have any issues with yours, just message Carlos and I’m sure he will be glad to help!

      • DR

        How about musebook mm 30 metronome app?

      • Jennifer Foxx

        The last update for this app was 4 years ago so I’m thinking they won’t be updating this app to 64 bit. The support website is no longer around.

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