2018 MusicEdConnect.com Highlights Day 1

I am attending the MusicEdConnect.com conference online and wanted to share some highlights of the sessions I will be able to attend live each day. Remember, all presentations you may have missed will be available after the conference when the replay is available. PLUS there are a bunch of flipped recorded sessions already available to watch. I was surprised to see so many when I logged on. Encouraging Artistic Performance of the Elementary & Intermediate Piano Repertoire by Pamela D. Pike Pamela begins by asking, “what does artistry mean to you?” I would encourage you to answer that question for yourself. […]

2018 MusicEdConnect.com Online Conference

MusicEdConnect.com is just around the corner to a computer near you! Happening February 1-3, 2018, there is no need to book airline tickets or a hotel room, all you need is internet access and you are ready to sit back and take it all in. MusicEdConnect.com is an online international conference with nationally-known presenters. I have had the chance to be involved in MusicEdConnect.com as a presenter for several years. This year I won’t be able to present, however, I wanted to give a big shout out to this online conference because there are many presenters you will want to […]

Review: Piano Program Music Theory Courses

Have you ever been excited about something where it ends up taking over your dreams? This happens to me all the time, but I didn’t expect it to happen with this… Dr. Kathy Rabago from PianoProgram.com has created Music Theory Courses for students. These courses are the very definition of flipped learning and something that I have been wanting to find for a while. Students learn the music theory concepts at home or during their music lab time, reinforce the concepts through worksheets (provided), and return to their lessons with an increased knowledge of music theory. Currently, there are 6 levels […]

NCKP 2017 Photo Highlights

I thought I would post all the “behind the scenes” outside the sessions separately as I took quite a few pictures (but still missed a bunch!). I hope you enjoy! Tuesday, July 25, 2017 Lynnette and I met at the Phoenix, AZ airport and flew over to Chicago on Tuesday night.   Wednesday, July 26, 2017 One of my favorite things about attending conferences like this is meeting/seeing those who I know online! Thursday, July 27, 2017 Friday, July 28, 2017 Saturday, July 29, 2017   NCKP went by so quickly. It’s amazing how time truly does fly when you […]

NCKP 2017 Saturday Sessions

Willis Showcase It was the last day of NCKP and Glenda Austin was the perfect person to kick it off. The theme to this showcase was “Happy Birthday Mr. Gillock!” showcasing many of Mr. Gillock’s pieces. If you are you are friends with Glenda on Facebook then you probably have seen her little video “snippets” that she has shared. She decided to take those snippets and create a complete book called Holiday Encores which include those short Christmas pieces. This was a fun surprise and I’m so excited to play through them. One could not celebrate Mr. Gillock’s birthday without a birthday treat, […]

NCKP 2017 Friday Sessions

Strike a Chord Showcase  The first showcase of the morning that I attended was by Elyse Weakley who developed an app called Strike a Chord. I met Elyse several years back at an MTNA conference. At that time Strike a Chord was brand new so I was looking forward to seeing what additions have been made. Strike a Chord is an iOS app where students are learning and playing chord symbols that guide them through improvisation and composition projects that they can record. If you want some hands on creating along with theory application, Strike a Chord is an easy […]

NCKP 2017 Thursday Sessions

Alfred Showcase Tom Gerou, Gayle Kowalchyk, and E. L. Lancaster’s presented a showcase, From Solo to Concerto: Variety in the Studio. They introduced us to new materials includes solos, duets, masterworks, concertos, and a keyboard history book. Game Theory vs Theory Games by Linda Christensen, Stella Sick & Shana Kirk Have you ever heard of Game Theory? I’ve heard the phrase “Game Theory” online for awhile but never really looked at exactly what it meant. I just assumed it was video game based but it actually goes much deeper AND doesn’t even have to be a video game. Linda, Stella and […]

NCKP 2017 Pre-Conference Wednesday

  This was my first time attending the NCKP conference. I was so excited because I have heard over and over again how it is the best conference to go to if you teach piano. It was also my first time in Chicago and was pleasantly surprised that it wasn’t very humid. The weather was absolutely beautiful the entire time we were there. I roomed with my friend, Lynnette Barney. This was our 9th or 10th conference rooming together and we always have so much fun. My favorite part of these conferences are seeing teachers that I have known online! I […]

2017 MusicEdConnect.com Conference

  Did you hear? The 2017 MusicEdConnect.com conference is almost here. With 20 presenters it’s BIGGER than ever! It begins Wednesday, February 1st and goes through Saturday, February 4th. The benefits of online conferences are many. Here are my top 3… You can watch in your PJ’s! You can watch live or at your convenience or both! (more on this later) No travel expenses MusicEdConnect.com has something for everyone. Check out the session details here. There are two registration options to choose from. A full access pass give you the opportunity to tune in live when you can and also catch the […]

How to Respond to Bullies When You Own Your Own Business

Disclaimer We all have come across bullies at some stage of our life. But dealing with a bully can make things a little more complicated when it is related to your business. You can go many years with no problems in regards to your policy or your business, but eventually you may come across someone who decides to “test” it. And sometimes (though rarely) the “test” leads to having to dismiss them from your studio. When you reach that point, it’s usually a decision that has not been taken lightly. It is not easy decision or action to take, but is usually necessary. […]