2018 MusicEdConnect.com Highlights Day 3

I am attending the MusicEdConnect.com conference online and wanted to share some highlights of the sessions I will be able to attend live each day. Day 1 can be found here. Day 2 can be found here.

Remember, all presentations you may have missed will be available afterward when the replay is available in addition to many flipped sessions already recorded and ready to watch. 


My husband ran his first 5K in the morning, so I was out cheering him in. He did great! (I’ll share a picture before he started below, just don’t tell him. Ha! Ha!) Because I was out supporting him, I was unable to attend today’s MusicEdConnect.com. However, Rosemarie has been sharing highlights so you can catch highlights of Day 3 over on her blog, The Unfinished Lesson. Yay!

All the presentations that I was able to attend the last couple days was fabulous. Lots of food for thought. I am looking forward to watching the flipped sessions soon! I would encourage you, that if you enjoyed these highlights you may want to consider registering for the replay pass (if not already registered) as these were just a very small sample of what was shared. You can register at MusicEdConnect.com. You will have a year to watch them all. But I wouldn’t recommend waiting that long… you may find yourself going back and re-watching some.

His first 5K. So proud of him!


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