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I think sometimes it’s easy to forget when there is so much support online nowadays with social media that being a member of a professional group still has many benefits. I have been a member of MTNA since 2000 (easy date to remember) and wanted to share my top 3 reasons why I recommend joining or renewing your membership.


Local Support

When I joined MTNA, I lived in a smaller city, Tooele, Utah. At the time, I had no idea how many other piano teachers were in my city and I had no idea of the friends I would end up making. One day, I was looking in the local newspaper, Tooele Transcript and saw a post in the classified section that there was a new local chapter being developed and an invite for local music teachers to join. I was really excited because I remember one of my piano teachers being a member of MTNA and I really craved meeting other teachers. I think this says it all…

Fast forward, I have since moved from Tooele, UT but I can’t tell you enough about the friendships and memories I made there because of the Tooele chapter! We did great things together! And I have grown so much because of my experiences.

In addition to the friendships, our membership benefit our students. Whether they are playing at the mall, performing in a big ensemble together, participating in the state theory program, what opportunities they have that they wouldn’t have otherwise.

National Conference

I love going to the MTNA national conference when I can. When you are a member of MTNA you receive a discounted price on your national conference registration. It is exciting to travel and see so many teachers I’ve made friends with online, in person! Again, that in-person connection!

MTNA Orlando 2018


Then, of course, you have all the educational experiences. Wonderful classes and performances to attend and then the exhibit hall, oh my! There never seems to be enough time to browse the exhibit hall. Probably because I’m so busy chatting with the wonderful exhibitors who have also become friends over the years! If you have never been to the national conference, make it a goal to attend!

MTNA Orlando 2018


Member Discounts

Did you know that when you are a member of MTNA, you can receive member discounts? From travel, credit card processing, office supplies, prescriptions, publications, and teacher training, there is so much to take advantage of. My personal favorite is the savings I receive from my OfficeDepot/OfficeMax printing card. The savings is CRAZY good! Every year I save way MORE than what my MTNA membership cost which is reason alone to join.


There are so many other reasons to join MTNA, like the American Music Teacher magazine, for example, but I will leave it with those top 3. Are you a member of MTNA? What are your top 3 reasons you joined?

Haven’t joined or need to renew? Click the MTNA logo below…


*MusicEducatorResources, Jennifer Foxx is not affiliated with MTNA. Just a happy member who wanted to share!

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