Performance, Games and Activity Ideas For Halloween


Saturday was my yearly Halloween Piano Festival. It’s my most favorite performance of the year!

I love fall! It is my favorite time of year. The weather starts to cool down (still waiting on that one since it reached 94 yesterday- but at least we are out of the triple digits!) and we kick off some fun performance opportunities for the year!

I love to dress up too and this year since I had a Hollywood theme going on, I decided to dress up as one of my favorite old hollywood actresses, Lucille Ball as Lucy Ricardo in “I Love Lucy!” I knew I would have to explain to my students who I was, but I also had a parent that never heard of I Love Lucy, so if you haven’t either, be sure to look it up on YouTube.

Here is my transformation to Lucy Ricardo. My daughter was my wonderful make-up artist!


During Halloween Festival I like to do some kind of game in between the performances. Last year we did a Halloween Trivia game (you can see the post about it here). You can download the trivia questions for free and use it however you like here. This year I did one of my favorite halloween pass along poems that I found many years ago. We’ve also done the “Right” and “Left” storylines like this one here.

Did I mention I love Halloween? There is so many spooktacular things that we can do in October! I thought I would share some of my favorites that I like to do with my students. (These are all available in my TpT store.) And then I’ll share a little more on Halloween Festival, plus a little surprise too! 😉

First let’s start off with a fun and easy rhythm game- Boo!  This one is a smashing hit with my students. You can watch how it is played here.

Doing composition activities during lab time is my favorite! I love using composition games especially, like Witches’ Brew

In Witches’ Brew, students can create a spooktacular Halloween composition in this game by rolling dice and spinning for notes. It’s a great way to review note placement on the staff (stems going up/down), time signatures, rhythm, measures… all while creating a fun piece they can call their own!

Here is another composition activity, Creative Story Composition: Trick or Treat.

In Trick or Treat students can create a Halloween story line along with their composition. They can color the pages or you can use the colored versions. Either way I love to see the end results of their halloween story!

Here is another Trick or Treat game that is perfect to use for a group activity!

Trick or Treat is a hot potato style game where students can earn treats or perform musical tricks.

Another really fun game to use with a group is the Halloween Body Beat Rhythm Game!

Similar to the game musical concentration, Halloween Body Beat has a fun body beat twist! 40 different Halloween rhythm cards to use with your group.

A couple more games to review musical concepts is Web-Mathsters and Spider Scales Puzzle.

This is a quick rhythm review game using math skills (adding and subtracting).
Spider Scales Puzzle
Students will enjoy reviewing Major and minor scale patterns by adding notes in the scale to the spider scales puzzle.

After students perform at Halloween Festival they receive a Halloween Festival button and treat topper- with pixie stick. 


These are the treat toppers that I will be passing out on Halloween day.


You can customize your very own (editable) treat topper by going to the October Music Educator Resources newsletter. It’s my freebie this month and should be in your email inbox. If you don’t currently subscribe I am opening this newsletter up to everyone, just click here and then don’t forget to subscribe so you can receive future monthly freebies!

And of course I can’t finish this post without sharing some pictures from Halloween Festival!



Have a SPOOKTACULAR halloween! Do you hold a Halloween recital or event? Play games, compose Halloween pieces? Have a favorite activity during fall? I would love to hear what fun things you have planned this year!


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