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Summer Piano Camp 2014

I recently finished up with my summer piano camp sessions. I had 5 sessions this year. This year I decided I wanted to simplify my life a little and use a camp that was already done for me. I decided to use Sheryl Welles with the Notable Music Studio, Road Trip USA...

Music Camps and Workshops Part 3 of 3

Now that you have decided  you want to hold a music camp or workshops you must... CREATE EXCITEMENT! When I send out my re-registration forms, it includes the summer registration information. In my cover letter for my registrations I tell them how excited I am for the...

Music Camps and Workshops Part 1 of 3

Today I begin my first session of Piano Olympic Training Camp. Every summer I do either a camp or a choice of workshops students can participate in. I thought I would blog about how I go about music camps and workshops each year and give some ideas that might help...

piano camp



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