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I’m excited to announce a new camp, “Let’s Go To the Movies!” is now available. Let’s Go to the Movies is a music camp or workshop program with over 8 hours of lesson plans to use with your students.

Students will experience what it is like to be a silent movie musician. (just use their music they have been working on this year). They will participate in small acting scenes. They will learn the history of the film music industry and popular film composers. There will be lots to listen and watch for as they figure out what soundtracks are appropriate to use in certain scenes. They will see what goes on behind the scenes in music and why it plays such a vital role in the movie industry. And so much more!

PDF and Powerpoint files includes:

  • Let’s Go to the Movies- (hourly lesson plans, links, planning guide, materials checklist list, resources, etc.)
  • Film Scoring Careers
  • History of Music in Film
  • Movie Camp Printables (worksheets, games, posters, etc.)
  • Movie Composers
  • Movie Listening Glyph
  • Name that Movie mp4

\Over 100 pages of movie music FUN! You can see a preview and purchase here.


New to summer camps? You will want to listen to this free podcast interview, “Running Your First Summer Camp” that I did with Tim Topham. Also, be sure to check out Make More, Teach Less, an online video course that will help guide you on all the ins and outs of running a summer camp or workshop.

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  1. Jennifer Foxx

    Ay! Ay! Thanks for the catch Amy! All fixed!


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