Games, Games and MORE Games!

Games. Why do we love to play games? Whether it is a board game, a physical game, a video game, played in a group, or by yourself, games just make things more fun! But does it go beyond that? Are there actual benefits to playing games? Of course, there are! GAME BENEFITS Educational– Let’s face it, playing games makes learning more fun! Take any subject and turn it into a game and you have instant reinforcement of what they are learning. Many times lightbulb moments come on during these times! Retention– A well known Chinese proverb says, “Tell Me and I […]

TMASG Winners!

Wow! The Most Addicting Sheep Game Giveaway was a popular one! Congratulations to the 3 winners! I will be emailing you your code soon! If you didn’t win, TMASG is only .99 so go on, grab it so you and your students can start having some fun! You know ‘ewe’ want it! Available on iOS (8.0 or later- Compatible with iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch), Windows Phone, Xbox 360 and soon to be Android with your help! Don’t forget you can support this fun game through this campaign. And since it’s St. Patrick’s Day today I thought I would put my Lucky Shamrock Game on sale for today only. […]

Two Music Games Students Will LOVE!

I wanted to share a couple games we played at Christmas camp that were a big hit especially with the boys but the girls loved it too! Both of these games have nothing to do with Christmas so you can use them anytime. Best played during a group lesson or camp. Now as you probably know by now, my theme this year is a Quest so I wanted to incorporate a couple games that would go perfectly with our theme. Blow Bow Intervals Materials Needed: Straw, Q-Tip, a Target of some kind (I used small boxes), Interval Target Cards. How to […]

Top 3 Benefits of Summer Camp

For over 20 years now I have been holding summer camps in my studio. Matter of fact, I hold camps in my studio twice a year (December and May/June) because I find them so beneficial. If you ever toyed with the idea of running a summer camp, I would highly encourage you to give it a try. There are SO many things we can do with our students during this time that we just don’t have time during their weekly lessons. That is a benefit in itself and I haven’t even shared my top 3 yet! Retain summer income (or make […]

Easy as “Pi”

Do you know what today is? It’s “Pi” day (3/14)! Music teachers have gotten together and have chosen one of their products and lowered it to $3.14 for today only! I decided to lower my spring templates for the rhythm bump it game. This will be the lowest you will ever see it at more than half off! This includes templates you can use for March, April and May. Don’t want to use all of them this year? That’s okay, use March this year, April next year and May’s the year after. The May template can really be used anytime! […]

I Have Who Has… Rhythm Clap Back Game

Were you one of the lucky 45 teachers that was able to download this game for free? For the first 5 days the I Have Who Has Rhythm Clap Game was released it was free! One of advantages of following FPSResources on TpT is the occasional freebies! The first 24 hours, new products in my store are always 20% off. When you are a follower, you will receive an email sometime during that 24 hours showing new product releases from all the stores you follow on TpT. I just updated the file to this game to include both ink friendly and b/w […]

Review Series: Music Teacher Store; The Whole Shebang: Theory Power Cubes

Today I am reviewing a product you can find in the Music Teacher Store called The Whole Shebang: Theory Power Cubes. The theory power cubes is a set of 14 alphabet blocks which include sharps, double sharps, flats, double flats and natural sides. The best part of this product is the 7 page booklet of ideas of what you can do with these cubes. Ranging from simple alphabet order to spelling intervals, chords and scales and more. I decided to use the cubes last week as a scale review with my students. First we reviewed basic pentascale patterns. Then we […]

Reach Beyond the Stars- A Practice Incentive Program

I’m excited to announce that I have completed my new incentive program for this year! A lot of hours went into developing this program and I can confidently say that it is OUT OF THIS WORLD! As students practice they will make their way throughout the solar system reaching beyond the stars. When they land or pass a planet they will complete mission assignments and advance ranks. If you have students who love space themes, (boys especially!) they will really enjoy this program. It is a motivating program that encourages students to want to practice so they can progress along with their […]

Review: Whirligig Games

One of the games we played at our summer piano camp was Rhythm Riot. Rhythm Riot is a fun rhythm game created by Whirligig. Keys to Imagination LLC recently took over Whirligig. So if you wondered what happened to all the fun Whirligig games, just head on over to and you will be able to find them. If you are familiar with Rhythm Riot 1-2 there is NOW a Rhythm Riot 3-4 available! Level 1 covers quarter, half, dotted half and whole notes. Level 2 adds in Eighth notes and rests (both single and pairs).The tempo spinner for both 1-2 includes Andante, […]

“PSSST… Your Piano Teacher Thinks This Is THEORY” book review

They did it again! Andrea and Trevor Dow with created another AWESOME resource that has me super excited! If you haven’t heard of it yet, PSSST… Your Piano Teacher Thinks This Is THEORY is their latest and greatest resource teachers can use with their students. BUT this is not your ordinary theory book, oh no! This is what I would call a theory activity book. PSSST… Your Piano Teacher Thinks This Is THEORY gets students using their imagination playing games, hands on activities, creating during the lesson, in the car and at home. Creativity is what it is all about! Watch: PSSST… Your […]