Last week we finished our last session of Christmas camp, Mission Santa and officially on our winter break. One of the missions students accomplished was “Power Rhythm” which was rhythm bowling.

Rhythm bowling is the perfect cross-curricular activity combining music and math. You don’t need to own bowling pins. Simply take some plastic cups, draw note and rest values on them and set them up in rows of 1, 2, 3 and 4 (total of 10). Students throw the ball and instead of counting how many cups (aka pins) were knocked down, they count up the note and rest values to get their score. They have two chances to throw. If nothing is knocked down, we call that gutter ball and no points are given.

Split into teams, stations, or play individually! Students will have a blast! I created a score sheet that you can download below and use with your students. As standard when bowling, there are 10 frames (rounds) included on the score sheet but we never had enough time to get through all 10. So I just warn my students ahead of time, that we will just go through as many rounds as we can in the time we have and then total up the final scores.
Feel free to download the free score sheet below…

If you would like to see a recap of the Christmas camp I did with my students, here is the video I shared with my parents…. You can read more about Mission Santa here.


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