Jack Frost has not been kind this winter. Santa has been frozen and is stuck at the North Pole…


He must be rescued in time for Christmas!

Luckily the Superhero Apprentices have been training and are ready to help!

Each challenge will test their abilities and bring them closer to rescuing Santa!

With no time to waste… Mission Santa!


In Mission Santa, each mission activity will bring students closer to rescue Santa. The activities go along with the superpowers students are training for in the A.N.T.H.E.M. program if you are using that program. However, you do not need to be using that program, in order to use this 4-hour camp. This lesson plans included can be adapted for any group activity that you are planning.

Included in Mission Santa is:

Mission Santa Lesson Plans- 4+ hours of lesson plans which include time for students to share pieces with each other. If you decide you don’t want to do that, I have plenty of extra activity ideas for you to choose from.

Guide Note Gotcha Snowball Edition- This is sure to be a student favorite! Students are racing to spot the guide note first. There are two ways to play! Try the first and then the 2nd and see which you like better.

I Spy Frozen Symbols- Students will love searching for musical rhythms and symbols “I Spy” style. Divide into teams (or can play individually) and keep score! An answer key is included.

Kinetic Snowballs- Another one I promise to be a hit! Literally! Be sure to hang up those shields as they are the targets! Students will be aiming their “snowball” to the right interval. A note name option is included as well!

Mission Santa Mission Cards- Included is mission cards that will introduce each activity before you do the activities. Be sure to reinforce after each activity is completed that they are one step closer to getting to Santa and rescuing him from Jack Frost.

Name that Christmas Carol Worksheet- Enhancing those ears, students will name the Christmas carol they hear! A worksheet is included to write their answers in.

Super Power Fortune Teller- What is YOUR musical superpower? Students will find out in their fortune teller aka “cootie catcher”. A nice brain break activity students will color, cut, fold and find out what their musical superpower is!

Power Rhythm Bowling Score Sheet and Labels- With the Power Rhythm superpower you can choose between two activities. Bowling or Toss. A bowling score sheet is provided. Labels for either game is too!


Have students use their music superpowers this year in your Christmas camp, group lessons or a classroom setting! Santa is waiting to be saved!

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