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I thought I would post all the “behind the scenes” outside the sessions separately as I took quite a few pictures (but still missed a bunch!). I hope you enjoy!

Tuesday, July 25, 2017

Lynnette and I met at the Phoenix, AZ airport and flew over to Chicago on Tuesday night.

Shortly after checking in to our hotel, we met up with Bradley Sowash and Tim Topham at a Greek restaurant. This was my first time eating at a Greek restaurant (that I remember) and I really enjoyed it. Afterward, we stopped at Target to grab a few things. (Loved having Target so close to the hotel!)


Wednesday, July 26, 2017

One of my favorite things about attending conferences like this is meeting/seeing those who I know online!

The very first teachers we spot as Lynnette and I walked into the first session on Wednesday was Joy Morin (Color in my Piano) and Amy Chaplin (Piano Pantry)! It was so great to see both of them!

Off to my next session and I see Nicola Cantan (Colourful Keys) all the way from Ireland!

Look who it is but Eik Siang Mar from Sproutbeat!

Found Deborah Rhine, whom I owed a huge apology. We won’t get into the details, except to say double check the time zones in your calendar!

With LouAnn Pope. She is as sweet in person as she is online.

Thursday, July 27, 2017

It was great to meet Chris Cogswell in person! She is teaching one of my students that moved away several years ago.

Always enjoy it when I see Glenda. She is the best!

I got to talk with Christine Bookman over at Tim and Amy’s meet and greet. So fun!

Chatting over at Tim and Amy’s meet up. Good times!

After Tim and Amy’s meet up we headed over to hear Jim Brickman. I really enjoyed listening to him talk, share experiences, musical tips and play.

After the concert, Lynnette, Valerie, Christine (missed the pic) and I headed over to Target to grab ice cream sandwiches and celebrate Valerie’s birthday! Yay!

Friday, July 28, 2017

Lynnette and I with Charlene Shelzi Jarvis at the Kjos booth.

With the fantastic Lynda Lybeck Robinson!

With Jennifer Linn! We are the “two” Jennifer’s!

Lynda, me and Jennifer. If you haven’t checked out be sure to do that! A wonderful resource for piano teachers!

One of my must do’s was to try some REAL Chicago deep dish pizza! Yum!

Doesn’t the pizza look gorgeous? With Lynnette Barney, Valerie Merrill, Nicole Douglas, Kathleen Shelby, Michal Grace and Melody Dean.

While waiting for our pizza to get cooked (twice…) and then finally enjoying it, we had a buzzing bee that decided to join our party. Well, it must have been feeling a little lonely because another bee friend decided to join in on the fun. Valerie saved the day and caught both bees. It’s a little hard to see but if you look really close, you can see them under the glasses. Valerie’s new nickname is Valerie the bee catcher! Hoorah!

Lynnette and I on our last night at NCKP.

A GREAT group of teachers right here on our last night of NCKP. Laurabeth Roundy was taking the picture so she is behind the camera.

Saturday, July 29, 2017

Marilyn Lowe’s session with Lynnette, Anne Katherine, Laurabeth, Chris, Christine, and Samantha.

In the exhibit hall with Michelle Sisler, Karen Koch and Sally Ritchie.

Happy to meet Mary Mincy in person!

Met a new friend, Margarita Denenburg.

Saying goodbye to Tim Topham. So great to finally meet him in person!

With the terrific Samantha Coates!

Saw Elizabeth Gutierrez just in the nick of time!

Just landed back home with Lynnette and Charlene. If you missed my Chicago airport story, you will want to go to the Saturday session highlight post for an adventure. 🙂


NCKP went by so quickly. It’s amazing how time truly does fly when you go to conference. I had a wonderful time and look forward in returning in 2019! Hope to see you there!

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  1. amystudio88

    Love all the pics! I’m bad about getting individuals like this!

    • Jennifer Foxx

      Thanks Amy! There are so many pictures I didn’t get that I’m bummed about but sometimes you are just enjoying the moments and that’s okay too! 🙂

  2. ahjacobahjacob

    Thanks. It was fun to see all the pictures. I envy you for getting to meet so many wonderful people.

    • Jennifer Foxx

      It was fun! You should put it on your to go list for 2019! 🙂


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