Tech Tuesday: iOS music app update

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Did you hear? I recently did a huge update to my iOS music app list on the blog. Go check it out!

If you see something that I missed that must be on there, let me know and I would be happy to add it.



  1. Saundra Robinson

    Hi Jennifer; Thanks for this update…I don’t have an ipad as of yet, but it is on my list for this week!  Yeah!! So excited to try some of the apps before school starts and integrate them into my teaching. Do you use these during a lab time or use at the end of the lesson? If so with a lab, how are you doing that?  I have always wanted to do labs, but I live in Idaho where most people are looking for the least expensive teacher rather than one who is most qualified. 🙁 I see you attended Ricks College and lived in Utah so I’m sure you “get” what I’m talking about. I have taught lessons for over 35 years — I’ve taught groups, adults, pre-school, in addition to the private students in a traditional setting. I used to have a large piano lab for groups. Anyway, that gives you a bit of my background. I also attended Ricks, BYU, and UTexas. I certainly was able to charge a higher tuition while living in Texas!! Would love to hear how you are using your ipad and the wonderful app ideas you have. TIA Saundra Robinson PS:  My daughter just enrolled my granddaughter in Love Family Piano Studio in Rexburg.  So excited for her to find a teacher with technology and fun ideas.

    • foxxpianostudio

      Hi Saundra! Yay! So excited for your upcoming new purchase. You will love it! I use the apps mostly during lab time, but sometimes during the lesson when I feel there is a need during that time. As far as lab goes, students come in 15 min. before or stay 15 min. after their lesson (siblings have 30 min. and just switch off). I totally get the “Idaho” thing. I was doing lab when I lived in Utah as well. I just included it in my tuition and said it wasn’t optional. Hope that helps! How lucky is your granddaughter to be a part of the Love Family Piano Studio! That’s wonderful!


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