iOS Music Apps




Bob Class An all-in-one productivity app for instructors.
Clavier Companion Clavier Companion has gone digital. Now read your favorite magazine from your digital device.
Educreations Annotate, animate and narrate on interactive whiteboard.
Evernote Organizational app. Take notes, photos, lists, scan, record…
Explain Everything Interactive whiteboard- create, rotate, record and more!
FileApp This is my favorite app to send zip files to when downloading from my iPad. Reads PDF, Office, plays multi-media contents.
Invoice2go Over 20 built in invoice styles. Send as PDF’s from your device; can add PayPal buttons. (Lite version is free but only lets you work with three invoices at a time.)
Keynote Macs version of PowerPoint.
Moosic Studio Studio manager app. Student logs, calendar, invoicing and more!
Music Teachers Helper If you subscribe to MTH you can now log in and do your business via your iPhone or iPad!
Notability Write in PDF’s and more!
Pages Word Processing App
Piano Bench Magazine An awesome piano teacher magazine you can read from your iPad and iPhone!
PDF Expert Reads, annotates, mark up and edits PDF documents.
Skitch Mark up, annotate, share and capture
TurboScan or TinyScan Pro or Scanner Pro Scan and email jpg or pdf files. Easy!
Week Calendar Let’s you color code events.



Chordbot Songwriting tool creating chord progressions. Lite version free
Fiddlewax Vocal harmony generator, effects processor and looper rolled into one.
GarageBand Keyboard, Bass, Drums, Guitar amp, Audio Recorder for voice…
Har*mo*ny Puzzle game blending color block palettes together in harmony
HarmonyWiz Advanced harmonic generator where you can “paint” your music in or play from a keyboard.
I Am Composer Sing to compose your music melody. Keep in mind it’s free…
Isle of Tune Mobile Create your own musical journeys from street layouts. Fun and creative app!
Mozarter Enables you to play and create music.
MusicStudio Similar to Garage band, but allows you to import Midi files. Lite version is free.
NodeBeat Create music or listen to NodeBeat generate it’s own.
NotateMe Enter music notation with your finger or stylus! Also a great way to review how to correctly notate stems, etc… there is a PhotoScore in app purchase add on where you can take photos of printed music and edit them within NotateMe.
Notion My favorite notation app. You can pick from instrument categories: strings, woodwind, brass, keyboard, guitar, percussion and vocals. (Some instruments cost extra)
Polyphonic Create music with colored squares representing different sounds.
Scorio Music Notator Basic composition app
Story Dice Use this app to create a musical story on the piano.
Symphony Pro Compose orchestrations, lead sheets, chord charts and guitar tabs.
Suggester Chord Progression tool and musical scale reference
TuneTrain Music creation app. Students can create and edit melodies in a fun line drawing mechanic. Great example to use when learning about pitches, high/lows…


Composers/Music History

4 Music Rooms Interactive learning family of instruments. (Piano is in the string room in this app) Lite version includes 1 room.
Carnival of the Animals or Carnival of the Animals by Naxos Interactive story of the Carnival of the Animals
Classical Kids

Classical Kids Teacher Edition

45 min. fully illustrated musical stories (in purchase apps) *Teacher edition includes all videos plus teachers notes (30+pages) on how to incorporate them into a curriculum.
Kinito Music Puzzle Music puzzle improving ear training. 40 masterpieces of classical music.
MSO Learn Interactive audio-visual exploration of the orchestra.
My First Classical Music App HD An interactive music app where students can learn more about instruments, composers, classical music, etc.
My Musical Friends Learn about the different instruments and their families
Symphonica Practice your conducting skills with this app!
The Great Composers Detailed guide to the lives and works of 227 composers from Medieval to 21st Century.
The Orchestra Real time selection of multiple video and audio tracks, along with an automatically synchronized score and note by note visualization of each piece played.
The Saint-Saens Carnival of the Animals Includes games and activities
Young Person’s Guide to the Orchestra Learn all about the orchestra. Includes quizzes and Games


Early Childhood and Pre-Reading

A Fine Musician A musical themed eBook students will enjoy.
DoReMi 1-2-3 Scales and pitch recognition using solfege. Lite version free.
Falling Keys Keyboard Geography Tetris style
Jelly Bean Tunes Play songs and record performances.
Little Fox A sing along songbook with over 100 interactive elements.
Moozart Create music with barn animals.
Music4Kids Touch the screen to create and play notes, move them around to make up your own tunes.
Musical Paint Paint musical tones with pictures
Musical Paint for Kids Paint musical pictures
Music for Little Mozarts Music for Little Mozarts- based on the MLM series. Great for young kids. Reviews concepts such as high/low, up/down, loud, soft
Music Learning Lab Learn fundamental principles of music through lesson, games and creative composition. 5 first lessons free.
Melody Star Fun making music with different instruments and patterns
Music Keys Keyboard Geography
Musical Me! HD Notes, rhythm and pitch. Listen to notes, copy patterns and learn to recognize pitches; Learn about rhythm, short and long notes; Play with a drum, cymbals, triangle, maracas or egg shaker; Learn to read music and create songs by moving notes on a staff
Piano Carnival An awesome app based on the Carnival of the Animals
Rhythm Party Tap the bunnies to the beat.
Dr. Seuss Band Similar to the guitar hero concept, students will play from 5 unique horn instruments. Great for keeping the beat.
Whoos Making Music Guess what instrument is playing, learn about the instruments.


Ear Training

Aural Book for ABRSM (Download all 8 levels!) Real time analysis of singing pitches and volume, clapping rhythm and intensity with comments offered simultaneously. Over 200 aural test questions including echo singing, clapping, listening, etc.
BeatTheMelody Improve pitch and tone with over 200 famous melodies.
Blob Chorus Ear Training with the blobs! (Silly game kids might enjoy)
Do Re Mi Ear Training Ear training with solfege!
Ear Trainer Intervals, chords, scales, relative pitch. (Lite version is free)
EasyEarTraining Over 350 articles, tutorials, videos and resources.
ET the Ear Trainer Save the town from the spaceship by correctly identify notes in the Major scale.
goodEar Chords Ear Training with Chords
goodEar Intervals Ear Training with Intervals
goodEar Melodies Ear Training with Melodies
goodEar Scales Ear Training with Scales
goodEar Pro This app is a compilation of Chords, Intervals, Melodies and Scales in one app (versus individually above)
Hear It Note It! Ear/Note dictation game.
Hit The Note Lite version free
iMimic Similar to the game Simon
Let’s Listen Based of Edwin Gordon’s music learning theory, Let’s Listen is based on shared listening.
MelodyMelody Ear Training matching game
Musical Ears Ear Training tool
MusicTones Recognize different music tones.
Nail that Note Melodic and Relative pitch trainer (lite version is free)
Pitch Invasion Aliens descend on your home planet; blast them out of the sky by recognizing the chord pitch they are playing before they reach the ground. (Free version with up to 5 notes is available)
Play by Ear- Ear Training Call and response with Intervals, melodies and chords
Play Piano HD Has a Listening game and a Play for Two which is a unique feature where two players can play a listening game with each other
RelativePitch Relative pitch interval ear training. Lite version free
Right Note Lite version is free
Simon’s Cat Creative mode allows you to compose your own tunes and have Simon sing them back. Game mode tests your ability to follow his lead through challenges.


Fun Tools

Aurasma Augmented reality app. Possibilities are up to you!
DecideNow! Spin the wheel app that you can customize! The possibilities are endless.
Delirium Free Music Visualizer
Disco Fingers Make music with your fingers- literally
DoodleBuddy or Whiteboard A free whiteboard app


The possibility is endless for you and your students with this interactive whiteboard app.
Falling Stars Music Visualizer
GlowTunes Music visualizer combine light and sound to art
Isle of Tune Mobile Create your own musical journeys from street layouts. Fun and creative app!
PotatoMan HD; Mr. Potato Head Create and Play, Pumpkin Builder Pro Fun tools to use for students to practice a section more then once, adding parts to the potato guy.
MadPad HD Music Remix with your sounds and video clips
Musical Paint Musical notes as you paint with different colors.
ShowMe Interactive Whiteboard Interactive whiteboard that also records your voice. Upload to online community or share privately
Simple Music Chord creation app
Singaling Vocal effects app
Singing Fingers Fingerpaint with sound
Spin the bottle (original) Good tool for group lessons or camp settings. You can set it from as low as 2 players up to 30 players. You can even use it as a number generator (up to 30).
Synesthetic Everything (speed, obstacles and colors) is in tune with this roller coaster of a game.
Toontastic Jr. A tool to inspire composition ideas
Toontastic A tool to inspire composition ideas
VisPerformer Make your music come alive! Creating graphic animation by playing your instrument.


Group Class

Class DoJo Fun behavior management app. Students choose monster avatars. This app has web support as well.
Nearpod Enables teachers to use their iPads to manage content on students iPads, iPhones, etc.
Socrative Engage, assess and personalize your class through quizzes, quick polls, exit tickets and more.



GlowTunes Christmas Decorate your tree with music
Jellybean Tunes Holiday Edition Jelly Bean Tunes holiday edition
San Francisco Ballet Nutcracker Interactive Storybook Features animation and fun facts about dance, music and the production.
The Nutcracker Musical Storybook 25 animated chapters, touch various objects to hear special sounds within the chapter.



Dropbox Free up to 2GB. Allows you to share files between computers/iPhone/iPad and/or share publicly.
iMovie If you have a Mac, you may already be familiar with iMovie. Create movie trailers and more from your video and picture stills.
Photon An app that allows you to view FLASH! (Audio could be slightly delayed.)
Puffin Free Another flash app- free; Also a paid version



Garageband Full featured recording studio.
Melodica Compose music with lights and sounds
MusicStudio Similar to garage band. Lite version free.
Ocarina Blow into your iPhone/iTouch to make the sound
Orphion A musical instrument with a unique sound between a string instrument and percussion.
Musical Flash Cards (Kids Place) Flashcards that has pictures of music instruments with their sounds and the instrument name.
Piano Carnival A musical adventure- interactive storybook
Windy Blow in to your iOS device like you would a real wind or brass instrument



Metronomes and Tuners

A.P.S. Tuning Trainer Proficient pitch tuner
BeatSpeak A metronome that counts for you!
iRhythmic Lite version is free. Pendulum metronome
insTuner Chromatic Tuner with Tone Generator
JoyTunes Metronome A free metronome. Works with apple watch.
Metronome + Besides tempo, can change accents subdivisions, meter, sound, has tap tempo
PanoTuner Listens to the sound you make and shows you the pitch.
Practice+ Practice and performance toolkit (in app purchases)
ProTuner Chromatic instrument tuner and pitch pipe using the built in mic. (Lite version is free)
Steinway Metronome


Basic metronome; Manual and Tap (free)
Tempo Advance Metronome Advanced metronome. Can even set it to stop after a certain number of bars.
tempoTeacher Teacher mode is what sets this app apart. Gives scores based on rhythm accuracy.
Tunable Tuner, metronome and recorder



AnyTune Music Slow downer app
AudioStretch Change audio files without changing pitch.
The Amazing Slow Downer Can slow down audio files without changing pitch. Lite version is free.
iReal Pro Create, edit, print and share chord charts. Practice with accompaniments.
Jam Player Allows you to change the speed, pitch and volume on audio files.
Home Concert Xtreme Based on the software. Allows students to play along with accompaniment midi files. Will even turn your pages intelligently.
Jammit Allows you to isolate or remove an instrument from the mix so you can jam with the original multi-track recordings.
Slow Notes Can slow down audio files without changing pitch
WavePad Sound editor for recording, editing, adding effects and sending audio.
Yamaha Music Soft Manager Backup MIDI or style data on the digital musical instrument to the app, or restore data to the instrument from the app.
Yamaha Visual Performer Use your MIDI instrument to generate graphic animations, synchronized from playing.


Music Reader and Music Downloads



Includes free public domain music. Scan YOUR own pdf files and download from IMSLP- the free public domain music library right from within the app. Allows you to highlight, type notes, etc. Compatible with AirTurn and PageFlip pedals.
iBooks Included app on the ipad and iPhone. Download your own pdf files and download them in iBooks to view.
iClassicalScores Search, Play, Listen and Print over 200,000 public domain classical scores. Works with Bluetooth pedals.
NoteStar Play your favorite pop songs and more with hands free page turns accompanied by backing tracks and vocals. App is FREE, but each song is $3.99.
Musicnotes, Sheet Music Direct Music readers- browse, purchase, view
PiaScore Turn the page with the turn of your head!
ScoreCloud Records a melody that you sing, whistle or play on an instrument and turns it into notation.
Steinway Etude Comes with two free pieces of music.
SyncScore Classical music +score
Symphonizer All you got to do is smile J to turn the pages that is…
Tonara Listens to you when you play, follows your playing on the score, flips pages for you.


Note Reading

Bass Cat Bass clef recognition
Flashnote Derby Horse Race Derby style note drill game. Can customize what notes to drill.
LineSpace Space arcade style game, can have up to 3 notes at the same time.
Music Flash Class Note drills in flashcard style. Can customize what notes to drill. Hot Potato game is a favorite!
Musical Notes Flash Cards Another flashcard app for beginners, includes solfege
Music Note Trainer Drills notes and chords
My Note Games LOVE! Drill notes by playing the note shown on your acoustic piano! Currently saves for up to 7 students.
Music Reading Essentials Notes, Rhythms, Intervals and Symbols
NinGenius (3 editions- student, studio or classroom available) Master your note ninja skills earning colored belts!
Note Hitter As notes move across the screen, the students will use their instrument and play (or sing) the notes before they hit the wall. When you play the correct note, the note will pop. Once you hit the wall, game over. As you improve the game will become more faster and challenging. Can create student profiles!
NotePerfect Timed note-reading drills.
Note Rush (iOS)

Note Rush (Android)

Timed note-reading drills. Fun background options encourage students to play again and again. Microphone enabled- play the note on your piano, the app will hear it.
Note Squish Fun note drills.   This game reminds me of the gopher game at the arcade where you try to hit the hammer with the gopher before it goes down. The only thing I would like to see with this one is to have both treble and bass clef note drilling at the same time.
Note Trainer Sight-reading notes. Tracks scores
NoteWorks Help Hungry Munchy catch each note as quickly as possible. Totally customizable AND I LOVE that you can add unlimited players keeping track of their progress. I wish all apps would do this!
PianoFlash! Note flash cards with interactive piano keyboard
Piano Monkey Choose the right answer in a multiple choice format.
Piano Notes Identify notes names, reading staff line notation, rhythm, hand-eye coordination, etc.
Princess Piano Starts with one note and adds notes as you advance. Help Princess piano dance her way back to the cloud kingdom to rescue her family. Great for those little princesses in your studio!
Synthesia Think Guitar Hero meets Piano…
Treble Cat Treble clef recognition
Treble Kids Deluxe Note (including chromatic) recognition



Music Journal Free Practice journal with metronome
Practicia A cloud based app connecting teachers and students. Sign up at
Yamaha Piano Diary MIDI compatible app to record manage, archive and share your recordings.



AuralBook for ABRSM (This is also under ear training. Be sure to download all 8 levels!) Real time analysis of singing pitches and volume, clapping rhythm and intensity with comments offered simultaneously. Over 200 aural test questions including echo singing, clapping, listening, etc.
BeatDrift Fast paced action game. Feel the beat, drift with the music.
Beat Sneak Bandit Everything in this game moves rhythmically. Tap the beat to sneak and solve puzzles
Clap Back Clap rhythms you can echo
DoRe Rhythm Drag rhythm on staff, if note values match within time signature it will play.
Dr. Seuss Band Similar game format to Guitar Hero but with fun Dr. Seuss songs and creative instruments.
GrooveMaker Create and remix groovy rhythm tracks
Groove Coaster Zero Groove roller coaster style game. Touch to the rhythm.
Loopy HD Create music loops by singing, beatboxing, playing an instrument.
Monkey Drum A “copy cat” rhythm game
My Little Rhythm Rhythms up to sixteenth and triplets.
MyRhythm for iPad Learn and create your own rhythms. Call and response.
Rhythm Cat Rhythm exercises with soundtrack background. Lite version is free.
Rhythm Expert Rhythm exercises
Rhythm Lab Rhythm exercises
Rhythm Pad Jam along with your “band” Record your patterns. (Free version with ads available)
Rhythm Racer and Rhythm Racer 2 Combining elements of Guitar Hero and F-Zero, fast paced 3D rhythm racing experience.
Rhythm Repeat “Simon” type game, lite version is free
Rhythm Sight Reading Trainer (aka ReadRhythm) (Shows up as ReadRhythm after downloading) Tons of exercises! 7 difficulty levels for 4/4, 4 levels for the 6/8 random generator and 3 levels for swing eighths. I even have used this app during interviews for transfer students.
Rhythm Training (sight-reading) Rhythm drills (free)
Symphonica Combining game play and story, puts you in the role of a conductor
Tap the Note Tap on the characters as they appear in time with the music to uncover the correct note names on the C Major Scale.
The Most Addicting Sheep Game Run, jump, roll to the beat- very fun!
Treble Clef Kids Rhythm Learn, practice and perform basic rhythm patterns with above plus triplets
Treble Clef Kids Rhythm 2, Triplets Learn, practice and perform basic rhythm patterns through sixteenth notes, triplets.
VidRhythm Music remix with fun video clips you make



HanonPlus Hanon exercises- Major/minor; Beginner to advance
Master Piano Play piano guitar hero style.
Note Hitter Each challenge contains notes from a particular scale or arpeggio.
Piano Dust Buster Fun Sight-reading app similar to Piano Wizard (or Guitar Hero). Students can play on the iPad or on the “real” piano.
PianoMaestro A MUST HAVE!!!
Piano Notes Fun or Piano Notes Pro Sight-reading trainer, includes 20 student profiles to set up.
Piano Sight Reading Trains all key signatures.
Piano Tutor for iPad Midi keyboard support
PlayItYourself 4D You see the score and the upcoming notes are highlighted for you to play on the built-in piano.
Princess Piano Starts with one note and adds notes as you advance. Help Princess piano dance her way back to the cloud kingdom to rescue her family. Great for those little princesses in your studio!
ReadAhead Sight-reading exercises
SightRead4Piano by Wessar Comes with a few free pieces, but then you have to purchase if you want more.
SightReader Use with over 20 instruments
SightReadPlus Keeps track of users progress and scores, motivating, interactive with piano (using iPad mic)
SightRead Minor From the makers of SightRead Plus!
SimplyPiano Created by JoyTunes Step by step learning with adults in mind.
Singspiel Use your acoustic piano to learn and play your favorite song.
Treble Cat HD Notes will go across the page and students are asked to find a particular note or series of notes in a timed setting.
Wolfie Follows your playing. Can analyze, annotate, record and playback.



Dolce Music Flash Cards Flashcard style drilling symbols, key signatures, treble and bass clef
Dragon Scales Learn and practice major and minor scales while slaying the dragon and stealing his treasure.
Glossary of Music Great Music dictionary
iHarmony Plays and gives notes to scales, chords, and harmonies; including modes. (Free version available)
Music Intervals Interval recognition
iLearnPiano 50 Video Tutorials
Inversion Invasion Space invasion game drilling inversions.
Jazz Scale Helper Play, view and challenge jazz scales (lite- free)
Music Theory for Beginners This app is jammed pack and well worth the price. First you choose game mode. Lesson or Quiz. There are 22 lessons, 5 tutorials and 5 tests that cover all the major theory topics: staff, note names, treble and bass clef, rhythm, time signatures, intervals, expression, slurs and ties, pickups and repeats, scales, accidentals, syncopation, tempo and more!
Music Theory Pro Covers Notes, Key Signatures, Intervals, Chords, Scales. In addition to Ear Training with Tempos, Intervals, Chords and Scales
Music Theory and Practice by Musicopoulos Theory exercises and drills.
Nota Piano chord and scale browser, piano and staff note locator, note quiz, reference library with 100+ symbols.
Octavian Ultimate reference, learning and teaching tool. Covers Scales, chords, progressions, dictionary, display and playback.
Piano Companion Flexible chord/scale dictionary
Piano Notes for Piano Basics of piano. Notation, theory and technique. Sight-reading, Ear Training, Line and Space notes.
Play Scales Interactive scale exercises up to grade 3
Scale Helper Interactive scale exercises up to grade 8 (lite- free)
Scales & Modes Information on every type of scale and mode you can think of!
Scales Tutor Interactive tutorials and practice
SproutBeat Worksheets galore that you can do directly on the iPad! I have my students take a screenshot of the completed work when they are done.
Tenuto Staff based exercises (notes, key signatures, intervals, chords), Keyboard based exercises (identification, interval, chord), Fret board based, Ear Training (interval, scale chord), Calculators (accidental, interval, chord, analysis, matrix)
Treble Clef Kids This is a series of apps: Deluxe, Treble and Bass, Intervals and Ear Training, Rhythm, Triads, Keys and Scales.


Recommended products for iPad

AirTurn DUO Wireless Page Turn Pedal
AirTurn PED Wireless Page Turn Pedal
AirTurn Manos Universal Tablet Mount  
New Trent Keyboard Wireless keyboard/case (can find on Amazon)
Page Flip Cicada Wireless Page Turn Pedal
Page Flip Firefly Wireless Page Turn Pedal
Printopia Allows you to print to your printer from your iPad. (This is program you download on your Mac computer)

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