Christmas Camp Lesson Plans Added!

Have any fun plans in store for the holiday season? I have been doing Christmas camp for almost 20 years now and will never go back to the traditional lesson format during this time because it has been such a win in my studio. Matter of fact, just the other day while I was explaining Christmas camp to a new student, she piped up and said, “Christmas camp is why I’m taking piano lessons!” I was taken back for a minute and said, really? She said, yes it was after my brother talking about how much fun it was that […]

Happy New Year!

Happy New Year! If you subscribe to the newsletter, be sure to check your email inbox from yesterday. I included a bonus freebie for you! I hope you enjoy both of them. I’m super excited to ring in the new year starting some online educational courses. These will be much more than webinars and available 24/7 to watch at your convenience as many times as you want or need. I’m taking my time with these courses because I want them to be very detailed and comprehensive for you. I want you to walk away feeling fully educated and ready to […]