Christmas Camp Lesson Plans Added!

Have any fun plans in store for the holiday season?

I have been doing Christmas camp for almost 20 years now and will never go back to the traditional lesson format during this time because it has been such a win in my studio. Matter of fact, just the other day while I was explaining Christmas camp to a new student, she piped up and said, “Christmas camp is why I’m taking piano lessons!” I was taken back for a minute and said, really? She said, yes it was after my brother talking about how much fun it was that I decided to take piano.”

Now if that doesn’t say something, I don’t know what does! Students LOVE and look forward to Christmas camp!

Christmas camp has become my win-win over the years. December is always such a crazy time. When I taught regular lessons in December many moons ago, I remember getting so frustrated at the lack of practice, the constant no-shows or cancellations and the lack of focus. And let’s face it, part of me understood it all. So I wanted to create a win-win. Something that allowed my families a little break from the norm, an actual Christmas break from piano, a time for parents to do some Christmas shopping while their child was with me and have some holiday fun!

I just added a bonus module in the Make More Teach Less: A Comprehensive Guide to Running a Music Camp or Workshop. In this bonus, I share my complete lesson plans for my 2017 Musicathlon Christmas camp! (resources not included)  All the planning is totally done for you!

Enjoy and Happy Holiday Planning!
P.S. If you aren’t already registered for this course but interested, this is the perfect time to get on board. Not only will you get this free bonus, but you can take $10 off the course when you use the coupon code: CHRISTMASCAMP17. Don’t wait too long because the code expires in just a couple days on 11/15/17.



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