Feature Friday: Composer Time Capsules

One of my favorite group lesson activities was one I did over 10 years ago, composer time capsules. Time capsules are a fun way to not only learn about someone but they are a great way to remember interesting facts and stories. A couple years ago I started to make my composer time capsules available for teachers to use. Each time capsule comes with 16 facts about a composer and picture cards representing those facts. The best way to see what these time capsules are all about is to watch me introduce them in this video. (The video is older so it […]

Using Modern Tools to Create Excitement for Old Masterworks & Their History

A couple weeks ago, I attended the Arizona Music Teachers Association conference held in Tempe, AZ. The theme was “Breathing New Life into Old Masterworks.” Here I am with my roomie, Lynnette! Lynnette and I have been conference roomies for 6 years now! So fun! Initially I wasn’t going to submit an application to present this year as I had a lot of my plate and didn’t really want to add one more thing. But then I heard what the theme was and it sparked an idea of a presentation topic that would be relevant to the theme. So needless to say […]