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One of my favorite group lesson activities was one I did over 10 years ago, composer time capsules. Time capsules are a fun way to not only learn about someone but they are a great way to remember interesting facts and stories.

A couple years ago I started to make my composer time capsules available for teachers to use. Each time capsule comes with 16 facts about a composer and picture cards representing those facts. The best way to see what these time capsules are all about is to watch me introduce them in this video. (The video is older so it will have my old name, FPSResources)

This last year I also added a Kahoot game to all the composer time capsules. If you aren’t familiar with Kahoot you MUST check it out because students of all ages go CRAZY for this game. Be sure to read the blog post, Group Lessons Goes Tech! where I tell you all about it. (It also includes a video link showing you what it’s all about).

I am planning on making more composer time capsules this year and am getting started on some new one’s to be released this summer. They are time consuming because they require quite a bit of research but they are worth it because students REMEMBER what they learned about the composer.

Have a particular composer you are hoping to see? Let me know and I’ll see if I can bump them up.

What other teachers have said about the Composer Time Capsules:

I enjoyed putting this together for my students, and I was actually very surprised at how well my students reacted to it. They loved it! Plus, they remembered the composer facts several weeks later, and, when their teacher accidentally played a Mozart piece as ‘thinking music’, the students all began teaching her facts about his life and music. I am excited to purchase another composer soon! Thank you for such a fun resource!” Linda

My students love these time capsules. So far we have done Bach and Joplin. I let the 2nd-5th pull out a card and read it to the class. The next week I point to the photos you provide, and they remember them so well. Thank you!! Very well done materials.” Stacey

Thank you! My piano students really enjoy these. Once a month, they spend their theory lab time looking through a time capsule for that month’s composer and writing down facts on an info sheet. They definitely prefer the time capsule format to looking at a book for answers!” Janice

The anticipation of my students while opening the container was fabulous! Learning about Scott Joplin was lots of fun too! Thanks for sharing!” Deb

Such a fun activity! My students loved it and so did I!” Zoe


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