Music Educator Community

Whether you teach privately or in the classroom, join me in the Music Educator Community Facebook group! This group is a closed support for music teachers who have used (or interested in using) digital resources from Music Educator Resources and/or have registered for any of the online courses. This is a community of like-minded teachers where we share ideas, ask questions, give or receive advice, feedback and more! In addition, I will keep you in the loop of new resources when they come available as well as updates so you always have the latest version, sales, and special discounts. See […]

Sit or Stand?

In our home, we go through office chairs way to often. Not necessarily because we have worn them out, though we have definitely done that, but because we just can’t find “the one”. You know, the one I’m talking about?  The one that solves all your problems when it comes to sitting. When I “try out” a chair at the store it seems so perfect but then after a week or so of using it I was still experiencing the same back pain I had with the past several chairs. Now I know there are some chairs out there that can […]

What Did You Want to be When You Grew Up?

With Halloween behind us, it got me thinking… When you were a child, how did you answer the question, “What do you want to be when you grow up?” I ask my students this every year on their “Getting to Know You” paper I have them fill out. I always enjoy seeing all the different answers. Sometimes they want to be just like their Dad, whatever his current profession may be. For others it may be a rock star, though they are already rock stars in my eyes. Regardless what they write down I know it is something they are interested […]

13 Nights of Treats and Frights

If you are on my FPSResources Facebook page, then you heard the BIG news! I’m super excited about this event! 29 music teachers will be offering a freebie PLUS many will offer another product for 50% off. I am participating tomorrow, October 1st. Mark your calendars and don’t forget to check in on Facebook to see how to get your freebie! Both my freebie and my 50% off product are BRAND NEW and will only be free and on sale for just the one day. Then check in each day to take advantage of all the other freebies and discounts! […]

Tech Tuesday: Did you know…?

– There is a new Pinterest page called Piano Teaching Products where you can find some fun resources to use in your studio all in one convenient place? Follow here. –, a virtual conference for music teachers is coming up in a couple weeks. It’s not to late to register and hear some great presentations at your convenience in the comfort of your own home! Click here. – Musical Moments is currently offering FREE shipping on all their music right now until February through Feb. 15th. Click here. – Box, is offering 50 GB of FREE cloud storage when you […]