Be Our Guest: The Power of YES!

I am very happy to introduce you our guest for May. She is a very special person who touches the lives of all who are lucky to get to know her. When you are around her, you can’t help but feel special. So today I would like to share a little bit of Claire Westlake with all of you. She shares a special story of the power of saying YES even though we really would rather say no… Welcome Claire as our guest blogger!   The Power of YES! 25 years ago I would have questioned your sanity had you […]

Tech Tuesday: The Real Reason Teens Are Quitting Your Studio – Part 3: Technology!

I am excited to have Tim Topham as a guest today for our Tech Tuesday feature. He has a terrific blog that you should visit. His posts in this series have been spot on, be sure to check all of them out! Teenagers and Technology – a match made in heaven This is the last article in a 3-part series I’ve been writing about retaining and motivating teenage piano students. The initial idea for the series was borne out of feedback I received from readers of my free Teen Teaching Toolkit eBook. I found that despite their best efforts, many teachers didn’t […]

Be Our Guest! Summer Camps

This month’s guest is a piano teacher from Tucson AZ, Lynnette Barney. I’m happy to have her as a guest blogger this month. Summer is quickly approaching and she has some fun ideas to help spark some ideas for your studio. SUMMER CAMPS I really enjoyed last month’s Be Our Guest article on building a studio community. I got some new ideas I can’t wait to incorporate in my studio. One of my goals is to build a community that expands beyond my private students. My summer camps are open to enrolled students, their friends, and other interested families. I […]

Be Our Guest! Common Time: Creating Community Within Your Studio

I’m happy to introduce our March guest, Megan Desmarais. You will want to make sure you read her post as it is filled with wonderful ideas. Be sure to visit her blog, Pianissimo- a very piano blog when you get the chance. Common Time:  Creating Community Within Your Studio As a piano teacher, one of my goals has always been to create and maintain a sense of community within my studio.  Since playing the piano can, at times, be a fairly solitary experience, I also want to show my students that it can be the opposite.  Enjoying and making music is […]

Be Our Guest! Creative Visuals in Piano and Voice Lessons

I’m so excited to announce a new feature I am starting on the blog called “Be Our Guest!” (If you are like me, you are now singing the Beauty and the Beast song…) At the beginning of each month, I will feature a special teacher to “Be Our Guest”, who will guest blog and share a post with all of you! Our first guest for February is Sarah Campbell. Sarah recently started a blog, Sara’s Music Studio where you will find helpful teaching tips for the piano and voice teacher. I have enjoyed her posts so far and look forward […]