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Can you use a break about now? How about your students? Well, it’s that time of year! Time to plan and schedule your summer camp, so everyone can get a much-needed break (plus have a lot of fun too). Over the years, summer camp has become a win-win in my studio. Instead of regular lessons, students participate in camp, and then they are able to take a break. After I am done teaching all the sessions students signed up for, I also get a break. I am a strong advocate of taking breaks as we all need that downtime so we can refresh, renew and rejuvenate for the new school year.

If you have never held a summer camp or workshop before, you are in for a real treat. If you need some guidance, I have plenty of blog posts for you to read. PLUS an entire course dedicated to the subject. And if you are still teaching online, you may want to review this teacher tip on adapting your music camp online.

Below is a music resource roundup of summer camps that are all ready to go! Nice and easy! (Note: Most of the camps below can be adapted online. I will make a special note if I think it can.)


“Let’s Go To the Movies” is a music camp or workshop program with over 8 hours of lesson plans to use with your students. Students will experience what it is like to be a silent movie actor and musician. From script writing, acting, and choosing appropriate music, students will be collaborating together to create their own silent movie. In addition, they will have the chance to play along with a silent movie. (Improvising, composing, playing a piece they currently know how to play, and/or choosing an appropriate soundtrack).

Students will also learn the history of the film music industry and popular film composers. There will be lots to listen and watch for as they figure out what soundtracks are appropriate to use in certain scenes. They will see what goes on behind the scenes in music and why it plays such a vital role in the movie industry. And so much more!

File includes:

  • Let’s Go to the Movies (hourly lesson plans, links, planning guide, materials checklist list, resources, etc…)
  • Film Scoring Careers
  • History of Music in Film
  • Movie Camp Printables (worksheets, games, posters, etc…)
  • Movie Composers
  • Movie Listening Glyph
  • Name that Movie mp4
  • Facebook cover options

Ages/Levels- This camp can work for all ages/levels.

*Can be held in person or adapted online. 

Does practice make perfect? We will be addressing this question and MUCH more in this workshop. Able to use with any instrument, this includes over 4 hours of lesson plans for you to use to hold a successful workshop with your students. (Or split it up into several group lessons, etc.) I personally use this workshop with mine every few years. For more details, please take a couple of minutes to watch this *video*.

This resource includes:

  • Lesson Plans (over 4+ hours)
  • Guideline for Common Practice Flaws and Solutions
  • Crafts and Snack Ideas
  • A Practice Game
  • Motivational Posters
  • Supporting Worksheets
  • A reproducible student practice workbook

3 Versions of the workbook are included:

  • Practice Workbook
  • Adult Practice Workbook
  • Self Study Practice Workbook

Inside the student practice workbook you will find:

  • Note to Student
  • Practice Steps Checklist
  • Practice Tips
  • SMART Goals
  • Practice Diary
  • Practice Schedule
  • Practice Goals and Reflection (Weekly)
  • Practice Goals (Monthly)
  • Reflection (Monthly)
  • Year End Reflection
  • Musical Self Assessment (Beginning, Middle and End of Year)
  • Personal Performance Evaluation (Pre and Post)
  • Just for Fun Coloring Pages

Ages/Levels- This camp can work for most ages/levels. Elementary through High School would be best. I do this one about every 3-4 years with my students. It becomes a different experience when they are in 3rd grade versus the next time 6th or 7th grade.

*Can be held in person or adapted online. Can also do a recorded version. Watch this video in how I did this.

Stop Motion Animation is a workshop (or camp) with over 8 hours of lesson plans to use with your students.

Stop-motion brings static objects to life on screen and is an old technique that is still used on occasion today. Students will create their story, learn how to create short animated sequences, bringing their stop-motion movie to life with music, optional sound effects and narration!

Because these lesson plans include YouTube and Vimeo links, there may be times the links will no longer be available. Please send me a quick email (available on TOU page) to let me know, so I can replace the link with another option. You are also welcome to find your own options as well.

This lesson plan is completely adaptable. If you feel you need to spend more time on an activity, do it! Add, delete, adjust as you see fit! I found that some of my groups took longer on some things while others didn’t take as long, so think of these lesson plans as a rough estimate and adapt as needed.

Ages/Levels- This camp can work for all ages/levels.

*Best held in person but can be adapted online if students had supplies at home.

The Sheet Music Heist is a spin-off from Mission Santa, but with a “general” superhero theme versus a Christmas theme.

Dissonance has been up to no good. He has caused chaos in the sheet music world, causing the notes to crash into each other. He must be stopped before music as we know it is completely destroyed! Luckily the Superhero Apprentices are ready to help! Each challenge will test their abilities and bring them closer to saving music! With no time to waste… It is time to defeat dissonance!

In the Sheet Music Heist, each mission activity will bring students closer to saving music as we know it! The activities go along with the superpowers students are training for in the A.N.T.H.E.M. program if you are using that program. However, you do not need to be using that program in order to use this 4-hour camp. These lesson plans included can be adapted for any group activity that you are planning.

Tip! If you need more time to fill, I highly recommend adding the Comic Strip Composition activity. You can easily create an 8-hour camp by adding that resource along with this one.

Not interested in holding a camp? That’s okay! These activities will work well and can be adapted to any group activity you do hold. Whether in the classroom or in the music studio, students will enjoy Sheet Music Heist!


  • Sheet Music Heist Lesson Plans
  • Guide Note Gotcha Superhero Edition
  • I Spy Super Symbols
  • Ka-Boom!
  • Kinetic Intervals
  • Mission Cards
  • Music Superpowers Performance Checklist Cards
  • Name that Superhero Anthem Worksheet
  • Power Rhythm Bowling Scoresheet
  • Power Rhythm Labels
  • Video Performance Links (suggestions)

Ages/Levels- Ideal for Elementary through Junior High students.

*Best held in person. Recommend Comic Strip Composition for added material (or as an online option). See Comic Strip Composition below…

Conducting Basics is the perfect resource for group classes and/or camps. Up to 2 hours of lesson planning, students will learn common conducting patterns, conducting tips, common mistakes of beginning conductors, experience conducting and following a conductor. Conducting Basics also includes a snack and craft idea to do with your students.

Conducting Basics pairs perfectly with Accompanying Basics.

Ages/Levels- Ideal for Junior High through High School Students

*Can be held in person or adapted online. 

Accompanying Basics is the perfect resource for group classes and/or camps. Accompanying Basics include 4–6 hours of lesson planning and activities teaching students the ins and outs of accompanying.

Accompanying Basics include:

  • General training activities for accompanying soloists, choirs, stories/poems, instrumental and dance
  • Page Turning Tips
  • Be-Attitudes of Accompanying (includes teacher guide)
  • 3 Posters
  • Craft and Snack Idea

Accompanying Basics pairs perfectly with Conducting Basics.

Ages/Levels- Ideal for Junior High through High School Students

*Can be held in person or adapted online. 



The resources below are not camps per se but can easily be used as a camp.

A perfect supplement to The Sheet Music Heist camp OR use this as a camp on its own!

Combining elements of story telling, script writing, storyboard, drawing and musical composition, this resource can be used for a weekly project as students work on steps towards their final comic strip composition. Superhero, Cartoon, Anime… The possibilities are up to the imagination!

This is a studio/classroom license, which means it is reproducible. Use with all your students!

Included are:

  • Teacher instructions
  • Student instructions
  • Story Idea worksheet
  • Script Narration worksheet
  • Storyboard worksheet
  • Leitmotif worksheet (on or off staff options)
  • 7 comic strip worksheet options
  • Example pages and video

*Can be held in person or adapted online.

Creative Story Compositions lend itself for a perfect music composition camp or workshop!

The purpose of the creative story compositions is to kick off the composition process in a creative way. There are 3 options to choose from. All 3 ways students are encouraged to create a short story along the way. Above the staff, there is a blank space to write in their story. Blank composition pages for both story and music notation is included when it’s time to pull it all together.

For all ages and levels, students have 3 options:

  1. Improvise
  2. Create a sound story
  3. Notate their story

Melody line versions (similar to what you would see in vocal explorations) are included if they just have no idea how to start. Depending on what students want to do, you can choose appropriately.

I also included b/w options as well as off-staff options for primer levels. The B/W pages make fun coloring pages too. Bind them together for an end of the year storybook composition keepsake!

As a fun bonus that is perfect for camps, each creative story composition also includes a video option! Students can record their narration and music to moving slides.

*Can be held in person or adapted online.


Composer Camp

If you haven’t seen this post, check it out! This will give you a super easy lesson plan for a composer camp!

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