St. Patrick’s Day Music Resource Roundup

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Before I share the St. Patrick’s Day Music Resource Roundup, I thought it would be fun to share some fun facts about the holiday. Many of which you might find surprising! (I did)

Did You Know?

  • St. Patrick’s Day observes the death of St. Patrick, the patron saint of Ireland. But did you know, that St. Patrick was actually born in Britain? Yep! When he was a teenager, at 16 years old, he was kidnapped by some Irish raiders and sold as a slave to a Celtic priest in Northern Ireland. After 6 years as a shepherd, he escaped back to Britain. Then, eventually returned to Ireland as a Christian missionary.
  • The first recorded St. Patrick’s Day parade was held in America (New York City) back in the 1762. Matter of fact, St. Patrick’s Day seems to be celebrated more in the US, than it does in Ireland. According to a friend who lives in Ireland, it really isn’t a big deal there.
  • The shamrock, which symbolizes the arrival of spring is considered a sacred plant in Ireland.
  • Leprechauns most likely stem from the Celtic belief in fairies. The original name for them was “lobaircin”, meaning “small-bodied fellow.”

And now you have it! Fun facts about St. Patrick’s Day. So what did you think? Did you find any of them surprising?

St. Patrick’s Day Music Resource Roundup

All these resources are available here in the MER shop or in my TpT store. I’m excited to share them with you today as my students have enjoyed all of them.

First up is a big favorite, Don’t Eat the Leprechaun. If you have ever played the game, “Don’t Eat Pete!” that I grew up on, then you are going to love Don’t Eat The Leprechaun, a music note review game perfect for St. Patrick’s Day. Students will be guessing which note the Leprechaun is while naming their notes. Included are 8 different boards to choose from depending on the level of your students.


Find the Leprechaun is the newest St. Patrick’s Day Music Resource. 3 games in 1, students will be searching for the hidden leprechaun as they answer the correct intervals (keyboard, melodic and harmonic). Be careful though! If they answer too quickly and incorrectly, the game starts all over!

Celebrate St. Patrick’s Day with this quick game perfect for interval review and assessment. Play it at the end of a lesson, as a brain break or assign it to students.

Leapin’ Leprechauns is a fun card game where students review melodic and harmonic intervals and the staff as well as intervals on the keyboard. The Leprechauns don’t rest in this game. Watch out! There may be some leprechauns in the mix that will either allow students to leap forward or leap backwards.

One of my favorite features of Leapin’ Leprechauns is that it uses visual, aural and tactile skills! Students will have some opportunities to say, play and even sing some intervals!

May the luck of the Irish be with you in this fun St. Patrick’s themed game. Lucky Shamrock is a “luck of the draw” game where students can name and define music symbols (36 included) while collecting gold coins. Will they be one of the lucky ones to snag the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow? Be sure to watch out for the leprechaun hat!

Shamrock Music Interval Match Up is a quick matching game perfect to use at a station or the last few minutes of a lesson. Students match the shamrocks to the keyboard or staff intervals. See how fast they can match up! Students will be reviewing keyboard, melodic and harmonic intervals. Answer keys are included.

If you liked this St. Patrick’s Day Music Resource Roundup, be sure to pin the graphic below for later!

St. Patrick’s Rhythm Bump It A quick game students love! Players will roll a die and find the matching rhythm values to the number rolled. The goal is to bump the other players off the board and be the one standing.

3 boards to choose from! 

  • Game Board 1- notes (quarter, half, dotted, whole)
  • Game Board 2- note and rests (quarter, half, dotted, whole)
  • Game Board 3- notes and rests (quarter, half, eighth, sixteenth, dotted quarter, triplet)



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